Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Boy


My sweet, all-grown-up, snake catching, rough house playing, 10 year old boy made me very proud again last night!

He showcased his original song "Family" at his Spring performance. It is a song he wrote about a month ago for me. Basically, it is a letter written to me about his life, and the trials we've overcome together, and a promise that everything will be Ok, even when he's all grown up. When he first read the lyrics to me, I cried. When he put it to his own guitar music, I sobbed, and when I heard it last night live on stage, with a microphone under lights, I was beaming!

Of course, my camera wouldn't cooperate with me, so I didn't catch it on video. But we have ordered a professional copy. I was able to record his second performance, Davy Crockett and I will share it below.

This weekend with my sweet boy came just in time. I was reminded of his kind, boyish spirit. It almost made me get over the two office referrals (one for fighting, and one for cussing) he received this year, and the constant nagging he required on a daily basis regarding homework and practicing guitar.

He's still my little boy! And since he's been grounded from video games for 2 weeks, he's actually talking to me. Who would have thought?!








Tara said...

Oh this touched my heart! What a special family! Is love for you to share the lyrics....

Jennifer said...

Your family is beautiful! How brave to be able to get up on stage and perform! He's a special guy.