Monday, May 2, 2011

First Day of School


We woke up this morning to terrible thunder storms which lasted all day. The weather was unseasonably cold. Of course this happens on Kendall's first day. That's how we roll.


Kendall started her day with OT. She's been very eager and a little apprehensive about going to school. Throughout the weekend any time we asked her if she was ready, she said "uh uh" for no.

This morning on the drive there, you could tell she was nervous.

When we got there, she seemed to soak it all in. Her vision team, teachers, and nurses were all ready to go. Daddy met us there too.


And Kendall had a fabulous day. I mean a FABULOUS day.


I expected her to throw a big old fit. She didn't. I expected her to freak the heck out at the singing and music making. But she recovered.

Her teachers sent me pictures through text messages throughout the day. That eased my mind a lot. (Have I mentioned how grateful I am for such an amazing principal and school for Kendall to start her education in!? Well I am. So.Very.Grateful. It has been such an answer to prayers.)

Kendall was making friends and having fun.


I couldn't have asked for a better first day.

Her daddy and I went out for lunch and I had a much needed visit to the chiropractor.

And we are all looking forward to doing it again tomorrow!

Thanks for all the kind words :) IT TAKES A VILLAGE.


Cassie said...

First, so glad she had a great day. I thought about her most of the afternoon! And second, I saw you today at the school for pick-up. I pulled in front of you (silver van) and just as I was about to hop out and finally meet you the adaptive P.E. teacher called me and by the time I was off the phone you and Kendall were gone! I was super excited to meet you...maybe tomorrow :) Yay that Kendall had a great first day!!!

Jennifer said...

So happy you all had a wonderful experience. It's going to be so good for Kendall. She seems quite happy:-)

Amy said...

Rock on Girl!!

Kerri said...

I am so happy that she loved her day at school. That is so awesome :) She is such a beautiful little girl!!

Mo said...

So glad today turned out this way... ;0)

Tara said...

She looks adorable and so happy! I'm so so glad it went well and know it will continue. Chloe loves school SO much! Hooray Kendall!

Debbie said...

wow...she looks so happy!!!

Glad to hear you both are at ease...what a great start!!!!

Gilda said...

Awesome! Yay for Miss Kendall on a wonderful first day!

Cjengo said...

awww this warms my heart!

Robin Soulant said...

Awesome...So proud for both of you! What a big girl!!!