Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Laughing in the Face of Those Seizures!

Ok, I couldn't resist. Even though the resolution isn't that great, I wanted everyone to witness my beautiful daughter's laugh. I've said before she has the best belly laugh...now you can see for yourself!

On Sunday night, Kendall also cut her first tooth. She's been pretty fussy, now we know why! There are a few others that look like they will arrive any day now too. Lucky us!

Yesterday we went to the Dr. and received another round of immunizations. She did well with them, only a few tears. We were also told to start feeding her three meals a day with the family, and breast milk will be second to that! So, she should start to cut back on her nursing sessions! This makes me happy (since she's starting to get teeth!) but sad that one of our most precious times together is coming to a close.

We had a great day at PT today too. More on that when I have more time! Right now I have to read stories to get my BIG baby to bed. And I do mean big. He's only a head shorter than me now. Where does the time go??


Jessica said...

That is as sweet as it gets!! Kisses to her!!!

Cjengo said...

Awww so sweet

bizzzymom said...


Kendall is beautiful! My name is Lori, and I came upon your blog.... I have 2 children that were also born with cataracts, and brain abnormalities, and microcephaly.... They have a syndrome called Micro Syndrome. It is very rare. I am in contact with a few families from England with similar children. Your Kendall resembles my son, Kevin a bit. If you would like information about the syndrome, or my kids, I would be happy to help. It took 7 yrs. for my kids to be diagnosed. They now have gene testing for this syndrome.

My email is loriburke@gmail.com

Your family is beautiful!!

: )

Medlock said...

Jocie --I love reading all of this and seeing how smart and amazing you are and how you are doing everything you can for you beautiful girl and your family. Kendall's laugh is hilarious....made my giggle for sure. What a sweetheart. Keep it up, cousin. You are doing great and I am so impressed by your spirit.