Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The nurse just called back...Kendall's EEG has improved since the last one, so the Topamax is helping. She said the types of seizures she's having are Tonic. She said usually they would start a more aggressive treatment at this point, but due to her Factor V issue, we have to wait until after we see the hematologist. She said Dr. Malik is concerned with the possibility of her having another stroke, so we have to get the blood stuff worked out before ACTH or talking more seriously about surgery. So, Topamax it is for at least a little while longer.

Kamden received his Gold belt last night. Justin, Kendall, Grandad, and I watched proudly as he demonstrated his skills! He was quite proud of you can see in the picture.


Cjengo said...

I am so glad the topamax is working for you guys. It just didn't work for Jude and neither did the pheno. So they are admitting him back this weekend, and talking about Depakote. I will email you something on the ACTH. HOORAY for Kendall. I was saying yesterday in my blog how different kids just response to different medications. Jude they said has IS with tonic movements and it involes the entire brain.

Jessica said...

WOO-HOO for Kamden!! Give him a big hug for us!! Love you all!