Friday, February 20, 2009


Seriously. Kendall was awake all night last night. This is not an exaggeration. She woke up at 12 and cried non stop until 1:45. They she woke again at 3, then 5. I knew something was wrong, so I gave her Tylenol. I needed to get to work so my mom came over. About 45 minutes later my mom called saying Kendall hadn't opened her eyes and something was really wrong. She was going to call 911. SOOO...I ran home, picked her up and we went to the Dr. AGAIN.

I filled Dr. Carlson in on all the Factor V stuff and he was perplexed. Then, he examined her, did a flu test, left, looked up Factor V,then came back. She did not have the flu, he came to the conclusion she has a sinus infection. Low fever, very irritable, some drainage, etc. My mom insisted he take a better look at her eyes. When we saw them we about fell on the floor. They both were blood red. Apparently he thinks this is still part of the "sinus infection." He prescribed some antibiotics and eye drops. We were finally able to get her to take her morning dose of Topamax at 2:00. I'm not totally convinced its a sinus infection, but we'll stay the course for now. They said if she acts abnormal for another day to take her to the ER. Seriously though, she won't stop crying when she's awake. And her eyes are very swollen and she has dark circles under them. (SO DO I!!!)

Want to know the really crazy thing? She hasn't had but 2-3 seizures today. Hmh. weird.

Have a great weekend.

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