Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Update

Today has been a really busy day, and we don't have any "official" answers yet. (I knew we wouldn't until after the weekend.) But, her EEG went great. She had about 5 seizures in the waiting room and several during the EEG. Needless to say we won't be surprised when the EEG still shows Infantile Spasms.
You know you've visited a Neurology department too much when the receptionist comes out to hug you and ask how the baby is doing! We have also had the same EEG tech on more than one occasion! Fortunately today it was our favorite girl.
The nurse called today and said the hematologist wanted to review Kendall's file and I should call on Monday to find out when we will be seen. My guess is Dr. Malik doesn't want to move forward with any aggressive treatments until we get the blood clotting disorder figured out.
I'm sure we will have more information on that after the weekend.
Thanks for all your prayers the past two weeks. We aren't going to give up hope! So keep those prayers coming!
Oh, and I have to brag on Kamden. His ITBS (Iowa test of Basic Skills) results came in yesterday and he is above the 99th percentile for his age on everything! (being a former public school teacher, I know those tests don't always give a true measure...but I'm always amazed with him!) I mean really, how does the child not remember to go to the bathroom when he's playing video games...but he can explain global warming??? Oh yeah, I forgot " the brain is an amazing thing, it can re-wire itself and is very unpredictable...every child is different."

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