Saturday, February 21, 2009


You are not going to believe this. Our Pediatrician called early this morning (saying he couldn't sleep all night worrying about Kendall) He said since she still wasn't eating, wouldn't open her eyes, and was crying non stop we should take her in to the ER. He called ahead and we didn't have to wait at all. The Dr. on call immediately saw us and examined her. They were about to order a CT scan, I guess scared she had some more inter cranial pressure....then he decided to check her eye under the ultra-violet light with some dye drops in both eyes. Low and behold, as if the child hasn't been through enough, she has a very large corneal abrasion. (scratch on her eye.) Apparently they are very painful (according to Justin who had one when Chloe scratched him) And she was in severe pain that's why she was vomiting and won't eat. We spent all day there, and after a stomach x-ray and more blood work, we were sent home, told to discontinue the antibiotic and given medicine (lotion) that has to go in her eye three times a day. It may take a small army to do that. They probably thought we were crazy when we breathed a sigh of relief...she really doesn't use that eye much anyway! kidding.
So no sinus infection, no aneurysm, no pneumonia, no blocked bowel or obstruction in her belly, no stroke, no increased seizures...just a scratch on her eye ball. I'd say this day turned out OK.
We have a follow up with the Ophthalmologist we "cheated" on this Monday. I guess I'll have to come clean about the second opinion...


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you got it figured out...sounds like it was a pretty stressful ordeal...hope kendall feels better soon!

Jennifer said...

I've been thinking about you guys so much the past few weeks. I hope Kendall isn't in pain anymore, and I'm so thankful that her discomfort wasn't caused by anything scary-serious.

Lots of love to you all,
Jennifer Neeley