Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Pictures!

These first two pictures pretty much sum up our last few days! Kendall has been in a super great mood, or a super bad one! Poor baby woke up Christmas morning....yes, Christmas morning having seizures. Kamden waited so patiently for us to get her straightened out. Fortunately they stopped very quickly and we were able to keep them at bay for the whole day.

We enjoyed lots of time with our family, and as usual, Kamden and Kendall were showered with gifts. Completely spoiled yet again by Aunt Kristin and Uncle John!

We had a white Christmas this year. Some were calling it a blizzard... (ha!)

Kam had a great time playing in the snow with Chloe and throwing snow balls at everyone! (so did Justin)

Kam got a Pocket Rocket...he was thrilled. Not only do I have a huge fear of guns and completely disapprove of anything that remotely looks like one for Kamden (my efforts are ignored though) I feel the same way about motorcycles...

However; he will be fully decked out in helmets and pads, and only riding it under complete supervision across the street at the school track or parking loop. Grandad and Uncle John gave him a quick tutorial, but it was too wet and cold the next day to ride it.

Kendall's favorite gift was her Ekorre Swing from Ikea. Aunt Kristin surprised her with it! She loves it. Our ceilings are way too high to hang it in the living room where she can enjoy it more, but we are working on a solution. (OK, Justin is!)

The greatest gift Justin received was Kendall's repeated use of the word Daa Daa. She started on Tuesday night and has said it more and more frequently and with such purpose. This makes my heart happy too!

One of my greatest gifts came on Tuesday evening when I took Cooper to the vet, completely ready to hear his death sentence. He's been so neglected: not taking his seizure meds regularly, not being groomed regularly to the point he had matted hair, and I completely ignored the last warning about the two tumors he had growing on his leg and chest. My Christmas miracle came when the vet told me his heart sounded perfect! We could discontinue his meds, and he looked great! He's on a diet (apparently 49 pounds for a Cocker Spaniel is unacceptable! who knew!) He's on antibiotics for skin issues but expected to make a full recovery! His tumors are just fatty tumors that don't cause any harm. Ha! Justin said he was going on Hospice...he was wrong!

We had an amazing Christmas dinner with Nonny, Poppy, Grandad, Nonna, Uncle Josh, and Val and her family! Kendall and Kamden received more gifts there! (big thanks to Tara and Chloe for the suggestions on books...Nonnny bought these two books for Kendall and they brought tears of hope to all of our eyes!)

So, it was a very merry, white Christmas in Ft. Worth this year! Hope you all had one too!


TMI Tara said...

Oh I'm so glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! (aside from those early morning seizures, that is...) I'm so jealous of Kendall's swing! What type of pad are you using in it? Chloe has a hammock swing, but she definitely needs some more support.

I'm soooo glad you got those books! Isn't the ballerina one just the best? I'm glad her Nonny was able to get them for her!

Glad you had very Merry Christmas! Here's to a seizure-free 2010! {{HUGS}}

Jennybell said...

what a weird year when Ft Worth has a white Christmas and it rained in Ohio!
My girl woke with a cluster of seizures on Christmas day too! The first time in months she's had a cluster. Also woke with a snotty nose. I was way to optimistic on Christmas Eve when I thought "this will be such a better year, we won't be waiting on seizures to stop while opening presents". She's been waking up and it takes a while for the seizure to start. Even last weekend she had the best run of reduced seizures she's ever had, 3 full days of less than 5 seizures a day. Then here they come again. It just plain sucks!

Candace said...

Wow, a white Christmas! We live in the mountains and haven't seen one in decades!

Gilda said...

Living in this part of Texas a white Christmas was a surprise. So glad your family had a great Christmas except for the seizures. But what a wonderful big brother Kamden is for being so patient with his little sister.

Karen Owens said...

Looks like Everyone had a great Christmas -- Gotta love Ikea, that's a cool swing!

Stay Strong!

Cjengo said...

OH HOORAY!!!WE always say daa daa to Jude, I hope he picks it up. He did say mom mee this weekend, and I hope he does it again. LOVE THE SWING! SO CUTE

Jessica said...

Glad you guys had a great Christmas...Kamden is such an awesome little guy!! I bet Jussy is SOOO proud! Give everyone hugs for us!