Monday, December 7, 2009

Swinging Along...

Thanks for every one's comments. I did get over my temporary upset about Holland...for now.

I wanted to share the video of Kendall on her Wingbo swing. She used to love it, then hated it. I battle with her every day on getting in quality tummy time, and am exhausted daily with her constant need to bounce and move. So, we made the swing higher so she wouldn't freak out about her feet touching the ground. Its just a swing for the time being. And she loves it.

She's been doing really well these past few days. She is so social and loves listening to everyone. Her little personality is showing more and more. I absolutely love that. She has also started moving around a lot more. She wiggles her way down her bath chair, and almost out of her pink lounge chair. No rolling, but hey, I 'll take what I can get!

Today when her vision and orientation and mobility teachers were here, she gazed from one object to the other on a black background. I was very impressed. She was evening turning her head to the side she doesn't like to. This is big progress. She has vision. Now we have to teach her to use it.

This week's off to a good start!


TMI Tara said...

Okay, so I'd never heard of the Wingbo swing, and after I read this post, I went and checked it out. And bought one. lol. I'm so excited! Chloe is obsessed with swinging and needs more tummy time, so I think this will be perfect!

I think we should do this as a "try this tues" post. Is that okay?

p.s. what type of chair do you use for Kendall? I saw the child rite. Is that the only one you have? We're in the market for one in the next few months, and I'm trying to figure out the best option.

Candace said...

What a cooooooool swing, Never heard of it, either! She looks like she does love it!

Laura Garrett said...

I considered ordering a wingbo for Cody a while back. His PT borrowed one from another family for us to try and convinced me that he was too big for it. But hanging it like that would work awesome. I am so going to order it. Thanks for reminding me how bad I want it.

Jennybell said...

My girl loves the sling type swings they use that are made out of like swimsuit material. It calms her down and makes her sleepy.
Today her itinerant teacher called and is sending me info about respit care and I'm trying to decide if I can let go long enough to be away from her for an hour or if I'd just be a worried mess.