Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Better Day

Kendall slept last night! So did we! Sleep is a wonderful thing!

Today has been better. I was able to run up to the local pharmacy I mentioned earlier. The stars aligned as I went to the first one and was able to transfer all her prescriptions. They still told me the diluted insulin would have to be compounded somewhere else with a proper hood. Then I ran to the second location (still same name) and actually ran into the owner I spoke with a few weeks ago. He made some phone calls, and viola! We now have everything in one place. They are able to bill Aetna primary, then Medicaid for EVERYTHING. Including Diabetic supplies which are considered Durable Medical Equipment. I feel like that is a step in the right direction...though I'll save my celebrating for when I actually have the drugs in my hands!
Also, Justin's insurance gives us a pretty good debit card for medical stuff too. This can be used for the next pair of glasses we will be purchasing very soon. I'm finished trying to fight the battle of getting Insurance to cover them. Technically, they are considered medically necessary since they are really "prosthetic lenses" since hers were removed at 3 months. But, I'm going to give that one up and let someone else fight it!
We found the cutest glasses that are rimless...but they don't recommend them for kids with lenses over a +3....and Kendall has +18.5 on one eye and a +19 on the other!!! So we are on the hunt for some cute aphakic lens compatible frames for kids. I'm confident with a little on-line research I can find a cute pair! I refuse for her to wear unfashionable glasses :)
Kendall has been sitting unassisted like a champ today! She will sit for over a minute, and then flops over. I just wish she knew her hands could prevent that! Instead, she leads with her head and then just lays there smiling. I swear, I think she thinks its a fun game.
Anyway, its been a good day...and I really needed it. So what if its only 1:00!!?


Candace said...

WHOOO HOO! I have a REAL bad problem with pharmacies...I myself have had A LOT of nuclear meltdowns at the local W. chain that is open 24/7. I almost had the pharmacist in tears back in Dec. It was awful, LOL!

Mo said...

Hey Jocalyn,

I wanted to mention the issue of 'thick' lenses with the Silhouette frames...I am not sure if those may have been the ones you were considering but Oia's left lense is VERY thick and never has the thickness been an issue. In fact, the shop who first fitted her glasses said no lenses were too 'thick' for these frames that it was only a myth...any would work if they'd just be willing to try. Who knows...good luck though, I feel like these frames are so worth trying regardless of thickness. Give the eye-glass shop a little push. Rimless are light as a feather which to me is so important on such a little, fragile, still developing nose.

Good luck!

Laura Garrett said...

I get so overwhelmed dealing with Ins companies. I've found myself in tears with them several times. Cody is still orally fed but is at risk for microaspiration and needs thickner added to EVERYTHING and our ins refuses to cover it unless he has a G-Tube. It really adds up in cost and is so frustrating that they wouldn't want to work on prevention of surgical intervention. We get all his meds thru a specialty pharmacy and it is awesome. They understand keto and have actually called me before to see if he is going to need something refilled. Our Walgreens refused to fill his script for his seizure meds saying that it was too much for a four month old baby...Ughh like we really want to load him up with all this. Anyway, I really enjoy following your blog. Kendall is too cute and I am so excited that she is independantly sitting. Life from that angle is so much more intersting.

Take care!

Cody 23mths w/ TS & Hydrocephalus
Ethan 3.5 w/o

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Will tell you a story about the CVS that is around the corner form me. On Thanksgiving day Joe ended up in the ER with kidney stones and they sent him home with 2 scripts. Our beloved pharmacy was closed ( they are closed TG and Xmas only) so I went to CVS. They could only fill one of the scripts form the ER. THey told me they didnt have any more of the painkiller med left. What pharmacy doesn't have Percocet in stock CVS.
So happy to see you are able to get everything together at one place. Good luck on getting some fashionable frames for Kendall. Finnian has a +23.0 in both eyes so we just do the contacts but they too are pricey buggers. The hard lenses aren't too bad but the new silsoft lenses are $200 each. But are worth it he doesn't bother with them at all and they stay in place.

TMI Tara said...

You are not alone when it comes to pharmacy issues. I've learned to prepare to be upset, and then if everything goes smoothly, it's a pleasant surprise!

I'm so glad she slept. We have issues with sleep frequently and it affects everything!

Cheers to many more good days (and good nights)!

p.s. WHERE did you get that cute shirt? I want one in every color. I'm in love with how you dress Kendall. I'm also pretty in love with her leopard/pink outfit on the sidebar. Wow, she is one cute diva!