Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prayers for Friends...

This weekend, I found myself very emotional over the recent struggles of dear friends. Why should little ones have to go through so much pain and suffering? It just isn't fair. This past week and this weekend my heart has been breaking and I've become very discouraged with everything. I get it. God's plan isn't always our plan. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. God doesn't give you more than you can handle.....BUT...... Little ones shouldn't have to hurt. Their parent's shouldn't have to deal with such horrible situations. Some days it just seems like too much.

I've always been a praying woman. Not just when things are tough. I pretty much have conversations with God all the time. But I have to admit, this week, I feel angry with everything. I'm at a loss of what to do with all these emotions. The tears are pouring out. It's overwhelming. Especially when bad things are happening to kids so close to my heart. It sucks when your hands are tied and there's absolutely nothing you can do. It sucks to watch your friends go through such hard times. It sucks to turn another corner only to find out more bad news. It sucks.

So, I'd like to ask all of you to lift these precious babies up in your prayers as well. I believe in prayer. I believe God heals. I've witnessed it. And I know its important not to lose your faith in times of struggle. Its just terribly hard not to. For me. At this time anyway. Kids should not hurt. They just shouldn't. It sucks.

Please remember our dear friends Holly, Eric, and Caleigh as they face some tough decisions in the upcoming weeks.

Please remember Reagan and her family as they still search for answers. That precious baby and her family have been through way too much recently.

Please also remember our Pastor's son Tristan Dasch as he continues his battle with Leukemia. The Lord healed him once, and we pray he will do it again.

And finally, a little boy who is very dear to one of my best friends, Liz. His name is Corey. He is 3 and full of spunk and life. Last week he was admitted into the ICU at Cooks with high fevers and seizures. For lack of a better diagnosis, they believe it to be some sort of viral encephalitis. The seizures have not let up. He is now on a ventilator, and struggling. Please pray for fast resolution and healing. And NO long term brain damage.


Candace said...

Of course, Jocalyn! Prayers are coming! It does seem like, at times, it's more than we/they can handle. I have to admit that I get annoyed when people tell me, that GOD only gives us what we can handle. I KNOW this people but you say that because you have never gone thru it!

Cjengo said...

I went through this too recently, and honestly it was after reading your blog. My heart hurt because you guys were struggling with Kendalls health, and just have so much going on at times. I pray too a lot. I sometimes get very upset when I hear that this may have been Gods plan. I don't think he planned for our kids to be sick. I think life takes it's own paths, but he is there to help us through the tough times. I am hoping your friends little boy gets well soon, and Caleigh!