Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Endo Appt.

It was a crazy morning, but I successfully made it to our Endocrine appointment with Kendall on time. Got out the door on my own with everything in tow...only to find out our appointment wasn't today. Fortunately, our Endocrinologist is wonderful and told the front desk person he'd love to see us...and we didn't even have to ask...We love him!!

So we reviewed her sugars over the past month. It seems its not as bad as I thought. He was delighted she corrects so nicely when she does need to correct, so we are yet again, going to wait on the insulin pump. I know. I know. I just don't really want to have another thing attached to her that we have to keep up with if I don't have to!

Her A1C levels are excellent. I reviewed her labs from Neuro and he said the triglycerides were high because of the Diabetes. Probably not the diet. SO...kinda makes me wonder if Neuro remembers who we are!! Anyway, the new ratio seems to be working out fine, so we will continue.

I received free supplies from the Diabetic Educators and that should tide me over for a while. They gave me a new form a Title 19 form that the pharmacy should be able to use to bill Medicaid secondary for DME. I took it to the pharmacy that Medicaid and Aetna recommended and hmh...they've never seen that form before. I contacted the CVS help desk, and they said it should be fine. The pharmacist looked at me confused. I contacted the supervising pharmacist, who told me we couldn't bill Aetna then Medicaid secondary. (see the vicious circle...NOBODY knows what the hell is going on.)

Our Dr. asked if I felt like I needed to speak with his clincal therapist (she's the one who I guess helps parents deal with the diagnosis) I said no, but then she came in to say hi anyway. Then I asked her if I could have some tips on anger management in pharmacies. She empathized. Guess I need to pick up deep breathing exercises on my own.

All in all it was a good appointment. Her blood pressure was fine today. He's not concerned from a kidney standpoint of her urine retention. He thinks its the bladder. Which puts us back to an appointment with the urologist who blames everything on poop.

After the appointment Justin took Kendall to the car and I ran down to see Corey, our precious little friend still in the ICU with viral encephalitis. Unfortunately I witnessed a seizure and got a taste of what they have been going through. He has been having 2 violent seizures every hour. They are giving him Topamax and Keppra along with the Adavan. My friend called today to tell me they may be inducing a coma through a Phenobarbital drip. This is a little boy who was completely healthy until a week ago. His mommy and mi mi are struggling with making sense of it all, so please keep them in your prayers. Though they are in good hands at Cooks, the ICU is a miserable place to be.


MrsFought said...

Hi! I am the one that spoke to you today at Dr. Thorton's office. You are right~he is awesome!! I hope we can start getting to know each other. It would be so wonderful to know someone who experiences some of the same things we go through with our son. Feel free to take a look at my blog ~ hope to hear from you soon!

TMI Tara said...

I love when doctors go the extra mile. It is rare, but wonderful when it happens!

TMI Tara said...

Oh I see you met someone in the waiting room. That happens to us all the time. I love it! It's part of the silver lining to having a special needs child, meeting all the amazing people that you otherwise never would have met.

Laura Garrett said...

Will keep your friend in our prayers. We've been down the road of "healthy baby" to pentabarb induced comas and its not an easy one.

-Laura G

Cjengo said...

Awww I am sorry to hear about the baby in the hospital :(. I have had a hard time lately hearing about all these kids being sick. Also, I have dealt with the whole failure to bill my insurance company first, and then the remainder to Medicaid. They just won't do it. Drives me batty.

Katy said...

Hubby and I have moved all our business to a local pharmacy that knows us by face because we have been SO DISAPPOINTED by so many other pharmacies. REally, some places are completely clueless. The guy at our new place even said, "if you ever need me to drop this off--you're on my way home." How's that for service?

jocalyn said...

That's great. We have the same relationship with our local pharmacy. However; they did not renew their contract to bill Medicaid for Durable Medical Equipment. Every other medication they are great with...its just this one road block!