Thursday, January 14, 2010


Now Kendall has hives. At first we thought she may be getting sick. She has had a runny nose. We thought it may be due to recent exposure to Strep...but that was about a week ago and she hasn't had a fever at all. So hopefully we are in the clear.

The only change in her diet has been the reduction in ratio from 4:1 to 3.5:1. Basically, we are adding 2.6 grams of powdered sugar to her formula. We made this change when her second triglyceride levels came back as 861. Her diet has also changed in that we are replacing saturated fat sources with polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fat sources. (avocado, olive oil, flax seed oil.)

Oddly, this has caused her ketone levels to increase. Her sugars last night went from 270 at 8:00 last night to 320 at 11:00 even after a correction of Humalog. Needless to say, we stayed awake all last night testing her sugars after her second correction of Humalog, which should theoretically only last 4 hours. This morning she slept through a sugar check at 6:00 which came back....wait for it....yep....37. This child is so freaking unpredictable. More than half the time its a guessing game.

As if this wasn't enough, my new fantastic pharmacy failed to deliver. I checked with our Diabetic Educators to find out if there is ANY child in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area who happens to have the same situation with a baby diabetic who has insurance AND Medicaid. There isn't. It seems even the Dr. has encouraged us to drop our insurance and go straight Medicaid through our Medically Dependant Children's Program. That is pretty sad if you ask me. We should have everything covered without co-pays, but we are having difficulty finding a pharmacy with diabetic supplies who is contracted with Aetna and will bill Medicaid secondary for the co-pays. In the mean time, we have $450 a month worth of diabetic supplies. Not sure how we're going to figure this one out...I've never been a very good dancer :) SO, I guess I'll keep making phone calls every day until it is figured out. I hate to drop Insurance on Kendall, since you never know what Medicaid may change to, plus our pediatrician doesn't accept Medicaid either. Ho hum.

So please keep K in your prayers. We want these hives to disappear, and would love to find our where they are coming from. And if her blood sugars keep on this way, we will end up in the hospital, and I CERTAINLY DO NOT WANT THAT!!!!

Here's a picture of Kendall in her stander. I've seen major improvement in her vision recently. As you can see, she will turn her head to look at something if she really wants to! She usually gazes to the left, but here she is working to look at the tv on her right. I love it!!


Holly said...

I feel your pain about the pharmacy crap. I love the stander picture. What a big girl!

Hope the sugar thing levels out.

The rash kinda looks like scarlatina rash. I think it has something to do with Strep maybe? I don't know, just grabbing for straws.....

Candace said...

Not envying you at all, momma! So hard to deal with it all. Praying for better blood sugars.

gilda said...

My son had some similiar hives about a month ago,I was told it is sometimes a sign from a virus. But it just turned out to be an allergic reaction.Praying for Kendall that it is not anything to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Praying Kendall has better days ahead - levels stabilize and no more rash. Do you think she could be having an allergic reaction to the avocado??
Hope you figure it out soon. Be strong!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to include this in my post -

Reactions usually begin within a couple of minutes to several hours after exposure to avocado. Mild symptoms involve skin redness, hives, or itching.
Good luck.

Reagan Leigh said...

Definitely looks like hives. Ooh I hate hives! But just so you know, Reagan never had a fever when she had strep. Maybe you should get her checked out just in case.

Jennybell said...

my son had hives once, we never found out why and they went away quickly. The allergist we saw was awesome and he told us that is you ever have a reaction to something to bring it in and they can dissect it and figure out exactly what caused the reaction. For instance a woman ate pizza and got hives. She went and bought a pizza from the same place and took it to the Dr. That pizza place happened to put anise seeds in their sauce and that was what she was allergic to.

Cjengo said...

Oh the poor little thing!!!

Ugh, same thing happened here this week. My boss is looking at taking out insurance that has an upfront $3500 out of pocket pay out. Well my neuro and pedi don't take medicaid so that means back to paying out of pocket again. That is unless he has a hospital stay.

I had a lady come into my office today that has a child on the MDCP program. Do you rememner Jaquelyns' number? I was going to try to help her. Her daughter has severe issues.


Ps~ I text you the other day because I was just SO upset :(. UGH!!!! Not sure if you got it, but had to tell someone.

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Did you check with the company that supplies her feed supplies? Most Durable MedicalEquipment carry diabetic supplies. THe insulin you will have to get at the pharmacy. Just an idea.
Hopefull you will figure out what gave her the hives.
I love the way she is watching the TV. She is getting to be such a big girl not a baby anymore.

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