Monday, January 18, 2010

If We Were a Bearenstein Bears Book...

We would be entitled: TOO MANY VIDEO GAMES.

It seems my son and husband are lost in the video game world. I just don't get it. Kamden won a PS3 at Karate. We recently bought a new TV and moved his Wii into his room with our old TV. They are playing non-stop and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

Justin has never really been into video games. I think I took that for granted. But now he's hooked on some stinking game with guns and war and I think its called Modern Warfare, but whatever it is, I think its absurd.

So, that's what's been going on around here. Me having to say the same thing over and over again until they acknowledge me. Its amazing how BOTH of them can tune everything out, and the house could be burning down, and they'd still be thumbing the controllers. Again. Its absurd.

I can't really complain about Justin though. He works hard and isn't one of those guys who has to go out with his friends all the time. (that's me!!) He definitely does pull his weight around here. So, I guess if he needs to play video games as his escape, I can live with it. But I'm hoping its just a phase!!!

School's back tomorrow after a 4 day break for Kamden, so his video game hiatus is officially over. Thank goodness.

Kendall is doing much better. Still lagging in the sleep department...but she's not near as fussy. Her sugars are crazy wacky, and we will be going to the insulin pump after our next appointment for sure. Last night we corrected since she was at 268 and she woke up this morning with a sugar of 36. Ugh. But the hives are gone and her smiles are back. We may have escaped another hospital stay for now.

I'm ready to get back to "normal" and the beautiful weather we are expecting this week sure helps with my spirits.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week.

***by the way*** this is my sill boy pretending to be his sister in her old glasses. nice. its Kendall in another 7 years!!

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Cjengo said...

OMG, this is Mike!! He plays PS3 for hours. He has a war game where he and his friends run around chasing each other all night long. Em is even in on it now. The one good thing about PS3, is it's a blue ray dvd player. Also, you can upload movies from the PS3 website, or from your computer and watch them in high def. We also look at the kids pictures on PS3, and you can store them on there in files. Now I don't know how it works, but Mike does. We will have to have a PS3 play date some time. Drives me crazy too how later Mike can play, and he tunes everything out