Friday, February 19, 2010

Prayers for Corey

A month ago Corey was a completely healthy, vibrant, full-of-life, energetic, little boy. He got sick. Had a high fever. Had a seizure. Had lots of meds pumped in him. Was hooked up to a ventilator. Was diagnosed with viral encephalitis. Had a good report. Was undiagnosed when he wasn't getting any better. Then there were thoughts he had a Mitochondrial Disease. Tests were run. Specific types of Mito came back negative. Had more seizures. Had EEG leads hooked up for constant observation. Had an NG tube placed. Had a central line placed. Had more seizures. Had MRI's to asses damage. Had a pheno induced coma to stop seizures. Had more seizures. Had tons of Dr.'s with tons of opinions and more medication. And so on.

They are still at a loss as to why this happened. But seizures cause damage. The damage causes more seizures. The brain tissue dies. Fluid forms in its place. And all of a sudden a totally healthy beautiful 3 year old is given a grave outlook. Dr.'s evaluate and report the worst outcome. Now a family with a totally healthy 3 year old boy is faced making decisions based on quality of life, a possible ""vegetative" state, facing a trach, g-button, limited mobility, lifelong disabilities.

Corey is very dear to one of my best friends Liz (pictured above.) It has been an extremely emotional few days, and I ask for all of you to lift up this family in your prayers. We are praying for a miracle at this point. Corey is a fighter. He can prove the Dr.'s wrong. We all know kids are way more resilient than we can comprehend. Most of us have seen or heard of MRI's that don't match the child, and children who don't match their MRI's. Physical Therapists always seem to have a more hopeful approach (and sensitive way to deliver it)than the Dr.'s.

As a "last resort" they are putting him on the Ketogenic Diet. This has worked a miracle for my daughter, so I pray it does the same for Corey.

A COMPLETELY healthy 3 year old is now on his 5th week in the ICU at Cook Children's Hospital. Why does this happen? It is heartbreaking.


Kristine said...

That's just awful. I'll be praying for Corey.

A Journey for Joshua said...

Oh wow! Please let Liz and the family know they've got people out here praying. As we know from experience, kids are experts at proving the "experts" wrong! You're a wonderful friend and that's the best thing you can offer up.

Debbie said...


I will include him in prayer-keep us posted.

Rhea said...

Definitely praying for Corey. That's what Anna had - viral encephalitis.

gilda said...

Keeping Corey and his family in my prayers. It is heartbreaking and scary to think that out of no where a child can develop something so serious. May god wrap his arms around him and confort him.