Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

Kendall made it through the night without any issues. I think the antibiotic is starting to work. She's still not running a fever and seems in good spirits. Our wonderful nurse braved the ice and snow this morning to be with us! (I was totally surprised...if I were her, I would have stayed in bed!!!) I was so happy to see her. I was able to get some grocery shopping in so we could make some cold weather food :) And she eased my mind as far as Kendall was concerned. Although she sounds pretty raspy, when she coughs it does seem to clear a bit. We will continue with the breathing treatments and pray for an uneventful few days.

When Kam got home from school he was very excited to play with the neighbor kids in the snow. We have had way more snow than I have ever seen living in Texas. When its all said and done we may have 10 inches or more tonight. Personally, I hate the snow and cold weather, but am excited the kids have had fun with it. Kendall and I will be chillin inside for the remainder of the weekend for sure.

No school tomorrow either (and no nurse!!) So wish me luck!


Lorrie said...

Great pictures! While the kids were playing outside yesterday they said they wished "Kamden still lived in his house. It would've been fun to have him there too"...made my heart melt!
Anyway, stay warm and we'll see you soon!

Cjengo said...

Wonderful photo's! Love her smile. We had a ton of snow too, 9 inches. I couldn't believe it. Poor Bigsby wouldn't even walk out there to go to the bathroom. Em is having fun in it, but driving in it stinks!