Monday, February 8, 2010


Kendall loves to read. When she is arching her back, or wailing in her stander, all she needs is a good book to calm her down. (ok, its not really that simple, but close)

She does love to read. I know she listens intently. I'm not sure if she sees the pictures, but she definitely can see the pages. She tries to turn the page in the book when prompted. She also laughs at the same part of Dr. Seuss books every time. So, I think there is some comprehension going on.

She mostly loves Kamden to read to her. He has the fluctuation in his voice to keep her attention. He is very patient and will sit there reading a pile of books to her while she's in her stander or on the floor.

I love that she is interacting so well socially. But I sure do wish she could entertain herself a little. It is exhausting having to stimulate her! I just wish she could sit down on the mat and play for 5 minutes by herself! Please tell me that will happen one day!


Jessica said...

That WILL happen one day because of all the work you are doing with her now!! Give both of those sweet babies hugs and kisses for me!

Candace said...

It's soooo hard to wait for those things that we long for with our children! I believe that it will come for her. Praying for it too!

The Henrys said...

Oh do I understand this! It is so hard to fill all of the seconds and minutes and hours of every day, day after day after day. My daughter does not like to read, color, or play with anything. It is exhausting! I must have said a million times that I wish she could just play with something.

Good luck, and I hope that she will start filling some of her time with something fun!

Cjengo said...

The last time I saw Kendall I was so impressed with her abilities!! I bet she is reading.
I have some supplies for Kendal from Anna. Let's get together.

Gilda said...

Hi, Jocalyn that is sweet that Kamden enjoys reading to Kendall as much as she enjoys listening. You have beautiful children, as for Kendall one day playing on her own. Kendall is a smart girl and one day on her time and gods grace I believe she will.

Mo said...

There is so much to get out of a book, not just a good story. Books bond and provide comfort and the voice of the reader can calm the listener. It's sweet that Kendall is so soothed by books...and even sweeter that big brother shows his love by reading to her. You have two little angels for sure.