Sunday, April 11, 2010

Big Week Ahead...

This weekend was great. The weather was so nice for our garage sale. It went really well...we had tons of people, but I ended up practically giving things away because I'm a sucker. I made a nice chunk of change, but definitely not enough to start the Listening Program, though it will help get me there! (click on the link to see which one I'm referring to!) Thanks for the suggestions for other more affordable options. I will be looking into them this week.
The boys (Kamden and his best buddy next door) decided to brave the pool. I thought it was entirely too cold, but they were determined. It definitely got me excited for this summer. It's nice to be outdoors more. The sun definitely makes me (and Chloe our lab) happy.
Kendall discovered the trampoline thanks to her brother. I tend to be overly protective of Kendall. To a fault. It may be me that denies her normal childhood adventures. I don't want her on the floor unattended, because there's germs and dog hair. I can't stand for her to be around crowds because I'm afraid of germs. If I could put her in a bubble, I would. Kamden on the other hand, wants her in his room when he has friends over. He wants her outside swinging when he's playing. And it was his idea to let her jump on the trampoline. I held her at first and when I heard her squeals of joy, I decided to put her down. (on the filthy, nasty, dusty trampoline...without a protective mat or net...since it dry rot last winter!) She LOVED it. She was singing and laughing like crazy. It made my heart happy. I so can't wait to get her in the pool this summer when it gets warmer!
This week will be busy. Both my kids have an appointment with the Ophthalmologist tomorrow. Kamden's been having headaches and complaining of blurred vision...and he's soooooo clumsy. So I decided to make an appointment for him the same time Kendall has a checkup. I'm sure we will be scheduling her next examination under anesthesia tomorrow. I'd like to try to put it off until May because April is crazy for us.
AND...I told the Neurologist I'd consider doing a muscle biopsy if Kendall was going under for anything else. This puts my tummy in knots. I don't really want to know if she has a Mitochondrial Disease. I really, really don't want to know. I wish I could put my head in the sand and ignore it, but I can't. So, I'll be deciding this week if we want to just go ahead and do it.
Tuesday she has her follow up with the Urologist to discuss the results of the Renal Ultrasound. And the same day we are headed to the Neurologist for our checkup. Kendall hasn't had a seizure in almost 10 weeks. But I do think it's a good idea to have another EEG to be sure. I'm not sure where we go from here. I know he'll say not to change anything, but I'm anxious to get her off the Keppra. It would be nice for her to be seizure med free and see her personality really come alive! So I'm crossing my fingers!


Candace said...

Hey it looks like a great weekend. I am the same way about's so frustrating to live like that but how else do you? I sure hope all the results appointments come out good this week.

Lorrie said...

Love her face in the picture on the trampoline! Looks like y'all had a fun weekend!

Nana said...

I'm Nana Chloe's grandma. Your kids are darling. It's hard not to want to put your head in the sand sometime's. I'm glad you let her bounce on that dirty old trampoline!! Good luck with her testing.