Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Party

We had a small celebration for Kendall's birthday on Saturday. We wanted to keep it low key so Kendall wouldn't be subjected to any germs or illness! Hopefully we accomplished that.

Her birthday isn't until the 27th, but our April is very busy so this weekend worked best.

We were very sad Kendall's Nonny was out of town. And very sad her Nonna is still feeling too miserable to leave the house. And very sad her BFF Caleigh was running a fever and had an unexpected visit to the ER. So it wasn't the same without them.

Growing up, my mom always made our birthday cakes. So, Justin and I decided to give it a whirl this year (probably not the best idea when your dish washer is broken) But I think it turned out OK. Not sure if we will continue the tradition, it's way easier to just go buy one!

We had a very nice day with the rest of our family and friends. The big kids actually went swimming (they did the same thing last year...) And that water was crazy cold. They painted birdhouses and played their hearts out.

Kendall chilled out inside with the adults and took everything in! She was a perfect angel the whole afternoon. No crying at all! She was playing the "arching" game when Uncle John was holding her, but other than that she was great.

We are blessed to have so many people who love and look after Kendall.

I can't believe she's almost 2.


Nikki Belshe said...

Great pictures!! Kendall is such an angel! Thanks for sharing :)

Jessica said...

The cake turned out GREAT!!! I always ask our kids if they want us to buy one or for me to make it...they usually pick for me to make it. I bake em and Kirby decorates them!! Last year at Tyler's party, all the little boys went on and on about how it was the best cake they'd ever had, was just Betty Crocker. Fun memories and great pics. Kendall looked beautiful as always!!

Dawson said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Early Happy Birthday to Kendall!

And big congrats to Mom and Dad!

Would love to see you again when you get down to SA - maybe meet at the park? Barbara

Candace said...

Happy Birthday, Kendall, you are such a little angel! Wow, two, that's a big deal. I think the cake turned out great. Good pictures, too.

Holly said...

I'm so so sad that we missed the party. Kendall looks so beautiful in her dress and flower bow!

That cake looks awesome! You did a great job....

Cjengo said...


Cory said...

Happy Early Birthday to Kendall! Your pictures are wonderful.
(It is awesome that she has a nonna and nonny that is what my kids call their grandparents too)
Hope all the germs stay away and she can have a great second birthday!