Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Normal Labs

Just wanted to share that all Kendall's labs came back normal. Well, they did want to make me aware that her blood glucose was high...205 (ha! we'll take that!)

We have a very busy day today with nurses, pt, ot, music therapy, and a new dishwasher being delivered (thank goodness) Hopefully Kendall and I will be able to fit in some swinging too.

Because of my dear sister's generosity at Kendall's birthday party, I ordered The Listening Program yesterday. We were able to order it and initiate it ourselves without an OT. I can't wait to get started. Anything to help Kendall sleep at night is worth a try. I think Kamden may also start it too *you know, get our money's worth!

So, all is good here. Just living the dream :)


Cjengo said...

She looks so grown up there, and she is holding his foot! how cute.

I am shipping supplies to you tomorrow, I finally got packing tape :)

Candace said...

HA! You totally have to teach her how to tickle, Jocalyn! Glad to hear everything looks good, never enough good news!