Friday, June 11, 2010

First Week of Summer

This week has been insanely busy. We had a lot of appointments, and on top of that, Kamden developed a really bad case of swimmer's ear. Unfortunately, that lead to sleepless nights. Poor baby. He was actually moaning in his sleep when he was sleeping... On Wednesday he just laid on the couch for 5 hours watching t.v. and not wanting to move.

Justin was out of town, so the evenings have been all my responsibility. Handling Kendall's stuff and trying to stay on top of Kamden's pain and medication was challenging. Kendall has had 2 three hour crying fits this week before bedtime. When she gets in that mode, the only thing you can do is hold her. Even holding her sometimes doesn't quiet her down. At one point I put her in her chair and called Daddy to talk some sense into her. And I swear, she actually stopped crying and looked at the phone the whole time he was talking to her! When he hung up I could tell because she cried again. I kept calling him back until I realized he was trying to navigate through LA and his only form of GPS was on his phone! oops.

But we made it through. All I can say, is thank goodness for nursing! I absolutely,positively do not know how people do this without extra help. I only have 2 arms and I'm not getting any younger. I have no idea what was wrong with her. I guess it could be seizure related, or tummy related, or sleep related, or my favorite, just neurological. Whatever, sometimes the guessing is exhausting too.

Today Kamden and I are taking Kendall to speech, then across town to pick up her new AFO's. These are to be worn more than her current ones, so we will see how that goes.

This weekend Kendall and I are on our own hopefully it will be uneventful!


Candace said...

Oh man, you have had your hands full, girl! Hope your whole summer doesn't stay that way, lol!

Dawson said...

hoping with you for an uneventful weekend..