Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Updates

Kendall is still doing great this week. She resumed all therapies again, and is making great progress.

She had OT in the pool the other day and did so well. I learned some new things to try to incorporate therapy into our fun swimming time.

On the PT front, she is doing an awesome job on all fours and reaching with one arm. She still needs some assistance, but we barely support her. She's consistently rolling from front to back, and still working on back to front....though we figured out last week if she can tuck her chin in, she can do it. Before, she would go into full extension and it was nearly impossible to help her roll. I just need to get creative and put some sort of a mirror on her chest or something! We've increased her tummy time a lot this week. Since her new g-button is SO AWESOME, it doesn't pop open and interrupt us!

At speech on Wednesday, we started some Board Maker activities that will begin to promote her use of the Proloquo2Go on the ipad. I still haven't invested in it, because I don't think she's quite there, but she's close, so it won't be long. Then, today at Speech, she chewed and swallowed one whole Ritz cracker!!! I was so proud. And she was really enjoying herself. This coming week, I am planning to eliminate one g-button feed and replace it with a whole meal. I think she's ready.

We're having a really difficult time getting Kendall's new glasses prescription. Apparently the frames we chose are not good for the thick lenses she needs, so we are needing to pick out another frame. A plastic one. It looks like we may have to go with the Miriflex frames (they are absolutely horrid) or a Pez 56 frame which is blue. I'm hoping we can figure something out early next week...because I'm very anxious for her get her new lenses and sunglasses.

So, that's about it! She's sleeping better and continues to plug right along :)

Oh, I also feel I should mention...Cook's called on Monday afternoon to follow up on my concerns. The patient advocate spread the word that we were very frustrated with the hospital's lack of knowledge on the Ketogenic Diet. They promised they are doing a training on both insulin dosage for babies (apparently it's more uncommon than we thought for little babies to be on insulin...she's two...but whatever) and the pharmacy will now keep brand name seizure meds in stock always. I was thankful they followed through.
***and yes, we have a swing in her helps with the Texas heat and rainy days!


Anonymous said...

Much good news! So happy for you all! Barbara

Caroline said...

thanks for the update. sorry ive been a bad blogger recently.
kendall is looking fabulous!!!!
and doing very well it seems :O)

wow on the swing... is it a 'special' swing? ive been looking for one because Hope absolutely loves swinging, but kendall's one is by far the nicest ive seen (its pink-lol)

much love


Cjengo said...

SUCH fabulous news!!!!!!