Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seizure Monster

We had a great weekend. Justin and I were able to have some adult time on the lake with our friends on Saturday, since Kendall stayed with her Nonny and Poppy, and Kam had a sleepover and went to Six Flags with a friend.

The rest of the time we spent enjoying our family, and getting Kendall used to the water again. Needless to say, she definitely has the fish gene everyone in my family has! She loves the water. Yesterday we pulled out the trusty neck ring and she went after it again!

We're looking forward to starting water therapy with her next week. Our incredible PT is going to check out the layout of our pool this Thursday and then get her in the water on Monday. I think she'll be impressed with the way Kendall can move in the water!

Kendall and I have also been enjoying our morning walk each morning before it gets too hot. She's taken an interest in the ducks on the golf course. We bring bread and feed them each time we pass by. We've found a nice shaded spot and Kendall will talk and talk and talk to those ducks! I had a small panic attack this morning when her arm was out and a curious duck (a BIG one) thought she had some food and got a little too close! But it is definitely something I look forward to each morning!
So, although we had a wonderful weekend, and are welcoming the Texas heat with open arms (sarcasm) it all came to a screeching halt when Kendall had a seizure Saturday night. She was with Nonny, and fast asleep on her back. But those old familiar jerks and spasms returned. When I heard, I almost passed out. I can't explain the feeling of disappointment that ran through my body. I've come up with every excuse for them to be anything other than seizure activity...but my gut tells me it was a seizure. We have a call into the Dr. to find out the plan. I'm guessing either an increase in Keppra (she has had some weight gain) or another 24 hour EEG, or my Dr. will just say....hmh. And not do anything at all. I think seizures are a bigger deal to me than they are to him. But it is pretty catastrophic to a parent to see the seizure monster return when he's been away for over 4 months. I pray they aren't back for good.


Candace said...

Oh Jocalyn, I hate to hear it. I keep telling Jenn, Jude's mom that we all need to get together and start a community "Seizures Suck" blog! Those of us who deal with it, have a hard row to how, living with that fear....

Mo said...

Damn it...I hate hearing about seizures. I get physically ill...(sigh)

Very cute pics of Kendall, those rosey little lips of hers, she is growing up so beautiful!

Jolene said...

Love the pictures! I hope that her seizures aren't coming back, I hate to watch them go through seizures, its truly heart breaking!

Cjengo said...

Dam$ seizures