Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unexpected Oklahoma Trip

Justin's grandfather passed away on Saturday morning, so we packed everyone up and headed to Eastern Oklahoma for the funeral. Kamden's been there before with Justin, but this was the first trip for Kendall and me.

Kendall did remarkably well on the three and a half hour drive. She was perfect the whole weekend actually. Despite a few low drops in sugars, everything seems to be going great with her health. Thank goodness....seeing as there's no cell phone service in the mountains, nor is there 911 service. At first I was a nervous wreck about this, but reminded myself we always carry her emergency meds with us, and we could handle it. It took a ridiculously long time to pack, but once we tripled checked ourselves, I felt confident.

Besides being there for a funeral, we enjoyed visiting with all of Justin's family. Many of them have never met Kendall, so it was nice to introduce her to the whole entire family, and see where Poppy grew up. Kamden enjoyed himself too...getting to know his "cousins in the country" like he put it was fun. I think it was a bit of a cultural experience for him!

Nonny and Poppy arranged for us to stay in a beautiful cabin on the lake. It was very comfortable and easy to get Kendall situated there. Aunt Val and Uncle Josh also stayed there. We enjoyed spending time with them, and were thrilled to see Josh in one piece after his stay in Nigeria. Kamden and I spent the evening on Sunday watching the sunset on the dock, and talking. For me, it was nice to spend some time with my son without video games, computers, or blackberries!

We're home safely now, and gearing up for a busy week. We should start getting some test results in, and hopefully will figure out Kendall's glasses situation. She's broken her current ones AGAIN, so we're eager for the new lenses and frames to be ready. I'll keep ya posted...

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