Friday, May 28, 2010

G-Button Question...

Hello friends.

Kendall's g-button is giving me fits. I'm not sure if it is the KetoCal formula and the extra greasiness of it, or if the button is busted on the inside. Either way, we are getting a new one on the 16th.

When her button was inserted we didn't really have an option. I guess the standard go-to button is the Microvasive. It is different from a MicKey, I guess because it doesn't have a balloon. Anyway, the plan was going to be to keep the current type, but get a new one. It really isn't time to change in size either. But I don't want to miss an opportunity to switch out to something else if possible.

I don't want a button that will pop open during therapy anymore. I also don't want one that I am responsible for changing or watching, or anything. (remember...I'm super queasy, and if it falls out, I will be going to the ER no matter what)

So, I guess we need one that isn't a balloon, but has a lid? And isn't too bulky! And won't clog with Nexium, and I don't know what else.

Can any of you guide me on what to try possibly and what to definitely stay away from?


Bronx Cataldo's said...

The mini one non balloon might be an option. We use the mini one balloon. Go to and you can look them over.
I thought I would never be able to change Finnys button but when we had an accident a 11pm one night in Ireland I just did it and in the back of the car too.Since then I change them all the time.You just don't change them after feeding them I did that what a mess well I didn't have a choice the balloon burst.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if you've ever heard of the Bard button. It's not the type you change yourself ( doctor can do it without anesthetic or incision) and it can last 6 months to a year. the downside is that the extension tubes don't lock onto the button like the mickeys do.They do stay on pretty firmly but just not locked. My son`s used Bards for 15 years and has never blocked one yet.

Here`s a link if you`d like to check it out.
Good luck!

Trina said...

The AMP Mini button is a great opinion. I have to check it at least once a week due to the fat in the diet. The bard didn't work for her, in fact she pushed two out!

Candace said...

Ok Jocalyn,
WE are currently using the AMT mini one...seems to be a concensus here. It's good, has a cover on it. They use a little stretcher thing to insert it so it isn't very uncomfortable and they can stretch it to remove it. Pretty low profile. I like that it has a sort of locking mechanism.We have had some leaking around her site since we got this one, but that is due to an inexact fit from her previous tube...the Genie. Our favorite Gtube on the planet, easy and pretty darn reliable. In 5 years we changes out 3 times! But the manufacturer quit making these last April! Can't belive it! But I think the AMT is a safe bet! Just make sure if you do go with it, you get the right angle decompression tubes