Monday, May 24, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End!

This friends went with my sister and I to the Train concert! It was kinda close to home, but we thought it would be a safe idea to stay in a hotel walking distance from the festivities!

It was a blast! Honestly, these are the only pictures I felt appropriate for the blog :) And we took hundreds! We spent the day tasting foods from all of the awesome restaurants in Addison. Then watched live music in the grass all day.

I felt like myself again. I stayed out super late. I laughed until my tummy burned. I was a groupie, scoring back-stage passes after the show. My sis and I were front row. Like as front row as you can get at any concert. Like hanging over the rail front row. It was one of the BEST shows Train has ever given. And we made major memories as a group....most of which I will take to my grave :)
But, now I'm finished. I think I need a break from the madness it takes following a band all over! No more concerts for me for a while...(well until they tour with John Mayer...then I'll just be going to see John Mayer!)
This Monday home from my get-a-way has been stressful. The ugly reality of battling insurance companies and fitting all Kendall's therapies and appointments in our hugely busy schedule has proven itself exhausting. I truly need more than 24 hours in a day! I guess my self-induced sleep deprivation is taking its toll, but it was so worth it!
Thanks to all my dear friends for an amazing weekend... I love you all! And we should be the next Real Housewives of Tarrant County fo sho.

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