Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eye Gaze. Wow.

On Friday at Monkey Mouths, we started talking seriously about augmentative devices for Kendall.

There's absolutely no doubt in my mind she's a smart little girl. She has a lot to say...and if there's a way we as her family can help her communicate, you bet we're going to make it happen.

Her SLP mentioned this Eye Gaze, briefly explaining the concept to me. Kendall is already successful in making a choice in pictures, but she often doesn't have the dexterity to hit the object each time. Her arm spasticity is much more severe than her legs (uncommon...but what with Kendall isn't!?) But she almost always makes the choice with her eyes.

So this week we'll be working with Kendall to sharpen this skill. Creating a board showing choices of activities that she likes, mixed with ones we know she doesn't is our start. I'm certain she can do this. It is just going to be a long process to find out which tool is the best. Then we will start the fight to get it paid for. It may or may not be the Eye Gaze, but I know we'll find one that is a fit.

Isn't technology amazing?!?

I'm posting the video for you all to see...and so I don't have to try to explain this one to Kendall's grandparents :)



Candace said...

We know an older gentleman that we see every year who is profoundly disabled and has no use of his arms. He uses a very fancy high tech eye gaze system that he uses with a little infared dot that he wears on his glasses. Super Cool! He showed us how it speaks for him and everything!

Junior said...

wow this is amazing, I have seen the Eagle Eyes program but not this one. We have considered Eagle eyes for Junior but I will have to show this one to his teacher as well.
At this point the district is fighting against purchasing any system for him. budget cuts.

Kendall is so cute

OFOA said...

We wish Kendall the best.
In case anyone wants more information. EagleEyes is an eye controlled technology developed at Boston College and uses electrodes to measure the movement of the eyes. It is a general mouse replacement system and can be used with many computer programs that only require a single mouse click. EagleEyes is easily calibrated to any head position. The user does not have to be perfectly still, and in fact, head movement can be used to augment the user’s control. EagleEyes is available, at cost, for under a thousand dollars through The Opportunity Foundation of America, a 501(c)3 non-profit. To learn more and see if EagleEyes is the right technology for your loved one, visit