Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Three Meals

Yesterday Kendall ate three square meals! ( square as Ketogenic Diet food can be)

She's been showing a lot of interest in eating. When I'm cooking, she opens and closes her mouth. I've been letting her smell all the food, and trying to match her meals with something we are having.

I swear Monday morning she was sitting in her chair as I was getting Kamden ready for school and she requested eggs.

So yesterday my mission was to feed her three times. She ate eggs, cheese and mayo for breakfast. Cheesy crackers with peanut butter for lunch (although she did gag when trying to talk with a mouthful...and threw it all up) and "tacos" for dinner (hamburger meat, cheese, sour cream, and whipped cream for dessert)

The beauty of this is that I didn't even whip out the food processor. I smashed the crackers with a spoon and she did well with the texture. She chewed the hamburger meat too. Her oral motor skills are improving by the minute.

Unfortunately, this morning her sugar was 340 and her Ketones were 7.8...which means we're teetering a very dangerous line with DKA. I plan to call the diabetic educators this morning to see what tweaks we need to make to the insulin since she's eating more. It's a little confusing, since her carbs run less than 3g/meal, and daily with KetoCal still less than 10! Insulin is very confusing. It's possible that her diluted Humalog doesn't need to be diluted anymore and she can have one full unit. That would certainly save me time at the pharmacy!

We went to see the surgeon yesterday. He told us what to expect on the 16th when she has her muscle biopsy. Pretty simple procedure. He's also going to give Kendall's button a tune up, zapping granulation tissue, and replacing her button. She'll be good as new soon afterwards...well, minus the scar on her leg :( Then, I guess, we just wait for results.

We're adding another speech appointment at Monkey Mouths each week. This will give us two seperate appointments for augmentative communication and feeding therapy. More on that later :)


Cjengo said...

I am so proud she is eating, awesome!!! We still have not moved past pediasure.

Anonymous said...

We have found that ground turkey is easier for our little one to eat than hamburger and it tastes pretty good as sloppy joes and taco meat. I am always trying different foods and smashing with a spoon etc, so I so get the getting creative at mealtime - I am in awe of your adding the mix of diabetes and ketogenic on top of just mashing foods! It is lots of work for just a few bites, but our little one loves food now as a supplement to pediasure!