Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Musicians :)

Kamden and Kendall both love music! Kam's recent self-induced interest in the guitar has really surprised me. He's learned a few songs already, and loves to sing at the same time. Kendall continues to love music therapy. Her great therapist Nikki learned "Hey Soul Sister" on the ukulele...and it motivates Kendall to sing and play instruments! (thanks Nikki, for letting me post the video....even though you have a sinus infection and think your voice is rough...we think it's beautiful all the time :))

As much as I love my little musicians, I love big girl music too! That's why for my birthday tonight (yep, I'm 32 today) we're going to see the Josh Abbott Band in Ft. Worth...oh, and TRAIN again on May 22nd. I's getting ridiculous. Who goes to see the same band perform in 5 different cities?! Um, that would be me and Kristin!

Kendall is moving right along with the Kidwalk (no pun intended.) She's getting more comfortable in it and has started to pick up her feet more. We're just going really slow with it, so it doesn't frighten her. Baby steps (ugh, there I go again!)

So, thanks for letting me brag on my talented young musicians. I'm a very proud mama!


Mo said...

I knew I liked you, a fellow Taurus! My 33rd was on Friday, the 7th.

There's nothing like watching your kiddo get that first taste of independent glad Kendall is feelin' it in her KidWalk. Super!

Candace said...

Happy Birthday Jocalyn! Girl, you really are making me jealous now, just kiddin'! Hope you have tons of fun!

Sunnye said...

Wow, your kids are awesome. I'm Nik's mom and love seeing her work with kids. You have every reason to be proud of their progress. (It makes me a proud mom too.) Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Donna (Yahoo Keto Group)

Amanda Ellis, MT-BC said...

Hey! I just came across your blog and love it! Looks like your little girl is making leaps and bounds of her own time. :) I am also a music therapist, and also LOVE the song Soul Sister by Train. I wanted to share that I adapted this song to be even more appropriate to sing with kids and you can hear it on my website, It's called Hey, Hi, Hello
I'd love to hear what you think!
Keep up the great work!
Amanda Ellis, MT-BC