Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Careful What You Wish For!

Kendall started wearing glasses when she was 3 months old. I remember the day we first put them on her well. I was so eager that THIS was going to be it! She would see! She'd start developing normally! We'd have a "normal" child with a small accessory! Little did I know!

As with most of Kendall's diagnosis, the first thing I seem to do is join a Yahoo! list-serve. You can't beat a bunch of strangers venting to one another, sharing experiences, and empathizing with you.
I quickly learned we weren't the norm, when everybody was complaining about their child ripping off their patches, or popping out their contacts, or pulling off their glasses. Not long after her cataract removal, but before her first EEG and MRI, I knew something was wrong. I actually blamed her not pulling at her glasses on her being so intelligent that she knew if she pulled at them, she wouldn't see.
After each surgery and procedure, I let the nurses put the "no no's" on her arms and left them there until we got home. Kendall didn't pull at her glasses.
Until now!
She's using her hands more than we thought she could. And she pulls them off.
And over.
And over, again!!
I lost track today after counting 43 times! She does it more when she's bored. Like when she's in the jogger, or stroller, or sitting in her chair without interaction. She pulls them down (scratching her face) and into her mouth. Like a normal baby would do! Finally!
And, like a normal two year old, she grins at you when you realize she's done it again. It's a game. And while I'm thrilled to see her doing it, it's getting really old!
So, be careful what you wish for...sometimes, you just might get it!


Mo said...

I'm smiling over here. I've been there before! It's a double edged sword for sure! The use of hands, acknowledgement of the 'bad' behavior with a smile, etc...all things you hoped to see. I remember Oia did the exact same thing for a long period of time. She never bothered them at first then all of a sudden it was game on for her. It drove our sitter crazy at the time and of course it made us crazy too. It took Oia months before she quit pulling them down to chew on them. Now when she takes them off she just hands them to us. Good times you're having...I feel ya!!

The Henrys said...

It is great that she can now do that, but beware that the next step will be breaking them! My daughter has broken her glasses so many times, and we do not have coverage for them. It has been very expensive!

Good luck and please share when you find something that works to keep them on!

Candace said...

HE HE He, Go Kendall! LOL! What a stinker! Poor Jocalyn, I am right there with you! They need a class to keep them one. Once Faith figured out they came off, it was all over with! LOL

Gilda said...

What a cuttie! I couldn't help but laugh at how she love to play games with momma.

Jennifer said...

That makes me smile. Wade too has recently discovered he can use his hands. They go in his mouth all.the.time!!!! Drives me crazy on one hand, but on the other I'm completely thrilled he can do it!

Jolene said...

Gotta love those love hate moments, lol. Glad your little girl is doing so well, she is so cute!

Jessica said...

She's so damn cute that I can't hardly stand it!!! She DOES have Briggs blood running through her which means she is bound to be a *little* ornery and stubborn, LOL!!! Please kiss those sweet little cheeks for me!! Love you guys!!!

Terri said...

I have to second all these comments! As Kendall's VI teacher, I SHOULD be unhappy about this new found game of hers, but actually, I am so tickled that she's got this new "game"! :)
Take Care