Monday, May 10, 2010

Kid Walk Take One

Kendall received the loaner Kid Walk today. I was pretty impressed. This thing allows her to feel her movements in every direction. Unlike the stander, she can actually feel when she tries to make a move. The middle actually swivels and allows her to feel the movement in her hips. Even the tiniest motion makes her move a little.

It is very easy to push around the house too. She didn't cry at all when we initially put her in it, and even picked up her feet a little and moved backwards.

By the end of the week, I hope to post a video of Kendall moving! She is very intrigued by her new view. She reached out to the dog this afternoon....and hopefully will soon be able to chase her down!

I know this isn't the best form for walking. But that's not our main priority right now! We hope to see her initiate movement and gain some body awareness first. Then we will work on correct form!

I really hope she can prove this is something that will help her gain independence around the house...and we can order one by the end of the week...then....lookout world! I will have this child walking around the entire town :)


Gilda said...

That's awesome, Can't wait to see more of Kendall's progress. And it was nice to hear your mother is doing much better:)

Anonymous said...

The kid walk is awesome!! We briefly tried one at therapy a few months ago and Cody did so much better in it than the Rifton. He even signed "more" to get back in it. We've been trying to get our hands on one ever since but all the DME reps I've talked to say its such a hot item that they cannot keep their hands on a demo. So we continue to anxiously wait...

I have no doubts that Kendall will master it. Can't wait to see her progress.


Candace said...

Wow, Jocalyn! THat thing is soooo cool! I have never seen one! But it sure looks like something Faith could use! That is great to see her in it! YES!