Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 Years Old

My baby boy is now a big 10 year old. I can't believe it. He came into this world 10 years ago yesterday, with trouble breathing...(he swallowed too much amniotic fluid) and had to be whisked away from us right away. I remember holding him for the first time and him sneezing over and over. Yesterday morning, I had to laugh when he did the same thing.

We celebrated his 10th birthday on Friday night with a Survivor themed sleepover. He had 10, yes 10, boys over to join in the celebration. They set up camp in the living room and were rambunctious until about 2am. They had a blast, but it is something I will NEVER, I mean NEVER do again!

Justin was busy taking care of Kendall, so thankfully my mom and dad and aunt Kristin and Uncle John were able to be there to help. It seemed like nothing went as I had planned...but the kids seemed to have fun. I did a horrible job taking pictures, which I'm pretty disappointed with.

And true to our family form, it was a bit of a circus. No, not the sparkler candles smoking up the house and burning the cake, or Chloe and Cooper stealing pizza, donuts, and popcorn, or Cooper's non-stop desire to hump pretty much every kid...resulting in non-stop laughter from the 9-10 year old kiddos, or Kamden's vomiting after playing a game where they had to dig through a nasty mess bowl to find objects...those things I could handle. What I could not handle was the child who took a dive into the metal stake holding up a tree in my front yard. And the gigantic goose egg that appeared immediately, and the two scratches on his forehead sent me into a tail spin. Then, as I tried to call his mom, my blackberry was re-booting so I couldn't find her number. Someone else's kid at your house with a possible concussion....not cool. Fortunately, I did get in touch with his mom, and she came to check him out. He stayed and looked so much better the next morning. But still...I was traumatized. It was, yet again, a reminder that no matter how hard I try, things don't always go as I plan.

So, happy birthday my sweet child! I love you and am so proud of the young man you've become. You are a very sensitive, loving, and smart child. I wouldn't change a thing about my blue-eyed, long haired, advanced red belt in karate, guitar playing, shower singing, non-teeth brushing, baby boy. You bring this family so much joy :) I love you dearly.

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Awww, what fun! Happy birthday!