Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I swear. Every single day this child amazes me.

We had a very busy morning beginning with speech at 8am, then our dietitian and eci friends came to visit, then we had OT, then we went for a blood draw.

But Kendall was unfazed. I think she enjoys being busy in the mornings! Ok, I know she enjoys it. She loves to go, go, go.
I snapped this picture of her while laughing hysterically. When the play dough hit Kendall's hands (see....see BOTH hands at the same time??!?!?....she picked it up off the tray on her own!) she began working very hard to get it to her mouth. When she did, I thought she was just going to smell it, but she took a gigantic bite of it instead. It was the funniest thing ever. The expression on her face, and how proud she was made me laugh so hard! She's a stinker.
I've tried to forget that this is a no-no with the diet. Her sugars and ketones are fine so far...but I couldn't take it away from her. I was way too proud of her.
BOTH hands at the same time, bringing something to her mouth, BITING and CHEWING it...amazing :) :) :)


Gilda said...

What a sweet face I know your a very proud of her she is such a doll. Way to go Kendall!!!!

MrsFought said...

Yay for Kendall!!! Its very inspiring to here what she can accomplish! Good job!!! Love the picture :)

Jenny said...

That's adorable! Look at her face...I think she's just as delighted with herself!

Mo said...

Yes, amazing it is! ;0)

Cjengo said...

Just SO cute!