Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, thanks to my blog...and detailed documentation of Kendall's life and medical issues...I was able to diagnose her with strep!

Ok, well, the Dr. confirmed it with a swab today at the pediatrician's office.

She had a very rough afternoon yesterday. So much so that I actually had a bag packed to go back to the hospital. I caught the Dr. right before closing and he insisted we start her on another steroid. When I went to get the prescription filled and take Kamden to guitar, she started to sound better. She was breathing normally after a breathing treatment, so I never gave her the steroid.

She had trouble sleeping, just seemed really miserable. Then this morning I noticed that she had hives. All over. So I looked back in the blog and decided it was either the Xeoponex neb treatments or Strep. I called the Dr., got an appointment, and the swab in the office came back positive.

She's been running a low fever, had high sugars, croup, and has been extremely lethargic. Tonight she looks plain miserable.

And to top off our perfect day, we found out our Nursing hours have been cut. I knew nursing was never a guaranteed thing. I've always been thankful for whatever extra help we can get. I have also heard they are "cleaning house" and cutting a lot of hours back, particularly seizure kiddos, but the thing is, they said it was because she's not having seizures anymore....which....she actually is. So, whatever. We'll appeal and pray it all works out, and if not....well, I guess we'll just make due. What other choice do we have?!?

It's been a quiet week otherwise. We canceled all therapies and have stayed in our pj's.

Oh, and the good news is her Hemoglobin A1C came back as a 7.4 which is an average blood sugar of 160. In the hospital they did an electrolyte panel on her and everything looked good, but her potassium was a bit high. So, we are continuing with the wean of the diet. 2.75:1, so far so good.

Keep us in your prayers.


Gilda said...

I am so sorry to hear Kendall is sick.....Hope that sweet girl gets to feeling better soon.

cmh134@hotmail.com Maria said...

A full time job - for sure... when we were in the hospital recently for Lizzy's fundoplication, Lizzy's potassium was high too - it was due to the stick location mostly (heel and then finger), they thought. We had a 30 second EKG and it was fine - I would take that over a 6th time trying to find a vein for blood draw... I hope you and your husband and Kamden are doing OK, I'm sorry it's been a rough patch for all of you. we can relate...