Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting Better

Last night was another long one. Sunday night the crazy sugars were definitely my fault, but last night was not! Kendall has been running a low fever, we think because of teething, the flu shot, or a little virus running around without symptoms. Her urine is fine, so we've ruled out a UTI, and she doesn't have blood in her urine, so we've ruled out kidney stones... Either way, whatever it was made her sugars soar into the 400's around bedtime. Her ketones read "high" on the meter, which has never happened before. I called the Diabetic Educator who paged the Dr...who called and told me to go with my gut! My gut being not to give her a whole unit of humalog in addition to her sick day correction. Instead, I only gave her a half...and thank goodness because she came down dramatically and by 2 am she was in the 50's...if it's not one thing its another!

My dad came over and spent the night to help out. I thought we were going to have to go into the hospital, since her original correction didn't lower her out of the 400's. She was peeing a lot, and I had to give her 60ml bolus feeds of water to keep her from dehydrating. I was also afraid that since I hadn't slept at all I wouldn't wake up to my hourly alarm to check her through the night...I was right! But my dad didn't wake up to it either at 2, so she went unchecked until 4! But she made it through the night, and she's OK now. That's all that matters.

And thank goodness my husband is coming home tonight! I fully intend on having a glass of wine and watching the Rangers game!!!

***these pictures are past due. I just wanted to share Kendall smiling through all the crap she endures! And the picture of her and Caleigh at the zoo...maybe one day we will have a picture of those two girls both looking at the camera and holding their heads up!


Cjengo said...

What a night. I think if we ever need jobs we should get to be nurses via association to the medical field. I am sorry girl. So glad she pulled through.

Barbara said...


Dixie said...

So sorry you and Kendall are having to go through this. I am praying for you. If you ever need me to come over and watch her so you can get a nap I am free most days from 9 to 2.