Saturday, October 9, 2010

Do I See a Pattern?!

Uh-oh. I guess we should be careful what we wish for! (see post below!)

We went to a pumpkin decorating party last night, but Kendall was having no part of it! She cried being in her chair, she cried when I was holding her, she didn't want to participate. Honestly, this was the first time I've seen Kendall react to other kids negatively. She loves when Kamden is around and his friends all talk to her, but it is usually on her turf. I think she was on sensory over-load as the other children were running and playing all around her. It was too much. So we walked her back to our house, and let her spend the evening with her daddy while Kamden had a great time at the party. Today we resumed our efforts to have her decorate her pumpkin, and she was all smiles.

I was (and usually am) very proud of the way Kamden watches out for his sister. He was concerned that she wasn't having fun. He didn't leave her side at first. And he really wanted her to enjoy the party. He was also very understanding when we had to go to plan B. He also did a great job explaining to some kids why Kendall was sitting in a wheelchair. (in a 9 year old way!)
Justin was out of town almost all last week, but I managed to survive. My kids were bathed and fed everyday, but that's about it. My house is a complete disaster. Thankfully, he's home safe and sound...and we have a fun night out planned tonight while Kendall goes to visit her grandparents, and Kamden goes to a carnival with Aunt Kristin and Uncle John.
Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Kendall's g-button. Which, by the way, was the best decision we ever made!!!!

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TwinsRock08 said...

Kamden is such a sweet big brother. He has always been tender hearted. I love the pumpkin painting. We may need to try that.