Monday, October 18, 2010

When it Rains it Pours

I'm sleep deprived. I mean really, really, really, sleep deprived. I'm using this blog this morning as my outlet. Justin's out of town, my sister won't answer her phone, and it's too early to bother anyone else!
Kendall's been very fussy. Yesterday she started having seizures again after her nap. She's had a low fever, but her ears look fine, and she's not congested at all. She sounds a little like she may have a sore throat...but I can't ever tell.
I ran 16 miles late yesterday afternoon as part of my training program for my upcoming Marathon. I drank plenty of Powerade and had 3 helpings of Gu...but apparently I didn't get enough water, because I've been achy and had a horrible tummy ache since I got home last night.
Being dehydrated (even if it's my own fault) sucks when you're taking care of a cranky Kendall alone. My head was a little fuzzy and during her nighttime routine I mistakenly gave her her morning dose of insulin instead of her bedtime dose. It's a pretty significant difference. I called the Diabetic Educators, and was instructed to do sugar checks every hour of the night. Even staying on top of it, her sugars dropped into the 20's. Super scary. So between me running to the bathroom to throw up and checking her sugars and watching for seizures all night, I didn't sleep at all.
Then I just got the text that our Monday nurse's car battery is dead.
I'm going to muster up the energy and get Kendall to the Pediatrician this morning and have her repeat blood draw as soon as I feel she's at a point where I can safely take her in the car without a very low blood sugar scare.
I'm feeling sorry for myself today. I know I'm blessed in so many ways, but seriously, normal would be really nice now and then. I just want sleep.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Being sleep deprived is the worst thing ever. :( It makes it hard to deal with the little things that would normally just be a small irritatant. I hope that Kendall's sugars even out and you feel better. That was definitely a rough night!

Debbie said...

sorry things are so rough right now...
just saw your seizure video too...hate 'em...(seizures, that is!)

Anyways, your in my prayers for an afternoon of calm and rest for both you and Kendall.

Bernard said...

My daughter just turned 2 and is a type 1. I feel for you. We were up all night taking turns checking her. Didn't get her above 40 until we mixed frosting and glucagon. Sometimes it's just better to yell 'this sucks!' You are a really, really great mom! And I agree, sometimes a little normal would be nice.

Cjengo said...

Vent all you want. You see how much I gripe about no sleep. I haven't slept through the night since Jude was born TWO YEARS! I am TIRED! lol. I am so sorry, I really hope things get better for you.

Anonymous said...

Really, really sorry about today's crummy events. Take care. Barbara

Jessica said...

I was up at 6:36, you should have called me. I even would have answered!! Big hugs and lots of love to you all!!!