Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well, I guess I should start out with the whole ice/snow day we had yesterday. We didn't end up going out. Kendall wasn't 100% herself, and after my small mental breakdown trying to get her arms through her long johns...I decided it wasn't the best idea. Instead, we stayed in and played around the house. It was a good time.

Today we braved the cold as we went to the Nephrologist. Nephrology is a new one for us. He quickly looked her over, ordered a blood pressure machine and cuff to take her bp twice a day for a week. He ordered an echo-cardiogram (we haven't had one since she was in my belly) lots of blood work,which overlaps with her endocrine labs we have to get tomorrow anyway, and a urinalysis. Her previous kidney sonogram gave him the answers he needed, so no need to do it again. He was not at all concerned with her puffy feet. He said it was definitely not fluid. Based on all her risk factors, visiting him was a good idea. But so far we haven't gotten any bad news. We'll just pray everything else turns out OK.

Kendall's hasn't been sleeping well at all, but other than that small detail, she's back to herself. Unfortunately, Kamden came home from school today with a fever of 102.5, very rare for him, so we will be heading to the pediatrician tomorrow to see what's up. I just wish everyone would get well already!

My dad had shoulder surgery on Tuesday and is doing really well. It was apparently messed up worse than they thought. He has a long 6 month recovery ahead of him. I'm already missing his help around here :( A LOT!

The past few hours, I have been consumed with raising awareness about the Medically Dependent Children's Program. We rely very heavily on this program. It provides Kendall with basically everything! If we didn't have this there is absolutely no way we could afford all of her therapies and medications. I mean absolutely NO WAY. The legislature has a measure on the table to cut $29 million from it. I understand it's tough, and there are a lot of requests from different interest groups to dip into the "rainy day funds" but I definitely feel that this program benefits so many families and a $29 million cut would be devastating. There has to be a solution. I've asked all of my friends to write letters to the finance committee. If you would like to write an e-mail as well, please e-mail me and I will forward their names and e-mail addresses to you.

SO...ending on a lighter note, here are a few snapshots of our past 2 days :)

My sweet babies:
kam and kendall hanging out 1


I thought if I made this black and white it may hide the clown-like attire my children wear when we don't have to go anywhere!

black and white chloe

No excuses. He's completely neglected again.

cooper needs a hair cut

Lots and lots of swinging in her room...and yes, those are baby legs on her arms. She gets hot then cold very quickly, so this was my solution!

Kendall's mad face!

mad face

Happy Face

happy face

Face most commonly seen:


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Gilda said...

Glad you got some good news at the doctor, have to comment on those pictures I love the mad face too cute:)