Sunday, February 20, 2011


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We've had a really busy week. Kendall had a few make up Dr. appointments re-scheduled due to the weather, so the days were filled with lots of driving and stressing.

Her latest blood draw showed a few good things and a few bad. Her A1C is amazing. Her lipid panel came back squeaky clean. This is good news on the diabetes front. The pump is working and we have made the correct adjustments. I can tell she feels better all around. The fact that her lipid panel is back to normal is good news too. For all of you Keto moms out there, this is proof that the cholesterol goes back to normal once a normal diet is resumed. I've said it before and I'll say it again...the Ketogenic Diet was our miracle. The fact that some Dr.'s don't even offer this option to parents is disgusting. It should be a front-line treatment for all seizure disorders. The drug companies don't want you to know that though...and some Dr.'s just assume parents will be too overwhelmed...but it is definitely worth a try. Kendall's head control and fine-motor skills improved almost immediately once her hundreds of seizures stopped. I am extremely grateful our Dr. suggested it before drugging Kendall up. (look at these open hands!)


The not so good news is her Nephrology labs showed her metanephrines off the chart. In my quick google search, it seems they can be the body's response to stress, giving adrenaline, and increasing heart beat and blood pressure. Remember how upsetting that lab draw was for me? Imagine how Kendall was feeling. So I'm praying that was the case and we are going to do another lab draw because of it. If they are still elevated, another contrast study is in her near future. They also moved her echo up to tomorrow morning.

We went to the dentist and all was good there. No cavities! Her final two molars on the right side are still breaking through and look pretty red and inflamed, which explains the extra drooling and grinding. Her teeth are a bit yellow, but they say that's just how her teeth are. Yuck!

We're enjoying the beautiful weather. Meeting other "special" moms and their babies at the park does wonders for my soul! Just a quick walk or talk to know you're not alone in this special needs world is amazing. I am so grateful for the friendships I've made since Kendall's been born

Our household is almost healthy now. Just a few runny noses and nasty coughs are lingering.

I'm excited to say that all my husband's travel has paid off for me :) He cashed in some of his frequent flyer miles so I could spend the weekend in Vail with my BFF from college! It's a quick trip. Leaving Friday night and returning Sunday afternoon, but I am oh-so-excited! Excited to get away for a while, sleep soundly, and have some girl time.

It will be a nice break to gather my thoughts and gear up for the much anticipated 8:30am Monday morning IEP meeting!

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Karen Owens said...

Hey -- Do you think Angela would benefit from the Keto diet? Can that be done through tube feedings? I'll look into it but would love to hear your opinion.