Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wintery Mix


After enjoying a weekend of sunshine and warm weather, we have been whisked back to reality. School was cancelled, so Kamden's home entertaining Kendall. We're all in our pj's and prepared to hunker down for about 3 days of freezing temperatures, sleet, and snow.

Texas pretty much shuts down when there's even a trace of ice on the bridges. Thankfully, Justin is in town and has set up his office from home today. He seems to think he's going to be able to get some work done...good luck.

Kendall is still fighting her cough and cold symptoms. Her croup finally resolved, but she still sounds pretty rattly. She's slowly but surely getting back into her normal routine.

We are working on Kendall's sensory processing issues. She has a very sensitive startle and will scream and yank her hair or pull off her glasses as soon as she feels uncomfortable. Up until last week, the vacuum and blender were completely off limits around her. (We seriously made smoothies in the bathroom with the door closed.) New environments,or places where young children are talking or crying, seem to be stressful for her too. We HAVE to get this under wraps for obvious reasons. I've recently learned if we talk to her about the noise or place before it catches her off guard, she is able to adapt. But it is definitely a work in progress and being addressed by all of our therapists.

Another recent concern is her puffy feet. We've always chalked it up to her not walking, but it has started looking a lot more like excess fluid. We already have a Nephrology appointment on Friday, due to some high blood pressure readings, so hopefully we can get some clear answers.

Always a guessing game around here. But today, I plan to enjoy the snow day with the same enthusiasm Kamden had when he woke up to a sea of white. Hot chocolate, Netflix, and a fire are in my near future. Life is good.


Cassie said...

For the longest time we had to take our blender out in the garage because of Caleb's sensitivity to noises. He has gotten better the older he gets but he still has trouble with loud noises. And babies crying will always get him upset.

Wendy Smith said...

I have some thoughts ... remind me to tell you at our next visit ... whenever that is! Ice, Ice, Go AWAY! I miss you guys.