Friday, March 19, 2010


On Monday afternoon Kendall started with congestion again. I ended up taking her into the Dr. just to be sure her lungs were clear. Thankfully, they were. The pediatrician's appointment ended up taking waaaay longer than I thought it would. But we left with a new prescription for a nasal spray (nasacort). I've heard it's pretty uncommon for Dr.'s to say a child has allergies at such a young age. But our Dr. is a little out there sometimes. So I kinda rolled my eyes as we were leaving, planning to continue the breathing treatments. I humored him and filled the Rx and started Kendall on it Wednesday. It actually worked, and now she's a ton better. Could it be so easy? Guess we wait and see.
She's been sleeping better, but it takes her such a long time to go to sleep. I guess she's a night owl. It kills me because she is so active everyday. She's been standing in her stander for at least an hour each day, sometimes twice a day, eating by mouth three times a day, and getting some sort of therapy for an hour a day, and some days swinging for 20 minutes 3 times a day. I'm so surprised she's not getting more tired around 8 or so. Instead, she sings and goofs around fighting sleep each night until midnight, sometimes later. Then she's up by 8 for insulin and only takes an hour nap. I wish she'd go to bed earlier!!! But I am thankful she's been going back to sleep after I re-position her (every 2 hours!) So I'll take what sleep I can get.
We're looking forward to an uneventful, lazy weekend. Hope you all enjoy yours too.


Anonymous said...

Her upper body posture in the photo is quite nice - shoulders down, hands open, head upright and off the headrest. Very nice!

Candace said...

Oh I hope that it is THAT easy! She looks so pretty standing up, and so happy, too!

Mo said...

She looks relaxed in the stander...good sign!

Bronx Cataldo's said...

can you tell me how you get so happy in her stander? Finny screams no tears until you plug him into Andrea Bocelli and then he does absolutly nothing because he is listening to his music.
Our Finnian was diagnosed with allergies at 15 mths I think. We always have to use the nasal spray at the begining of the season. The doc said its because his passages are smaller and they get inflamed easier.