Monday, March 1, 2010

And Back Again...

Yesterday Kendall was miserable. Saturday night she didn't sleep AT ALL. She wanted to be held and walked around all night. And so we did just that. We would have put her down and let her cry it out, but she was getting herself so worked up she would choke and stop breathing. By yesterday afternoon around 12, she was really laboring to breathe. The breathing treatments weren't helping and we were back to the same croupy sound, even worse than Friday.

So we took her in.

I'll save some time by not recapping the whole experience there. It was almost exactly the same as Friday night. This time they were concerned it had moved to her lungs. So of course we were whisked back right away, bypassing an even more crowded waiting room. They ordered a throat x-ray and lung x-rays. And gave her another Racemic Epi treatment which worked almost immediately. I asked to add a strep test just to be sure we kicked it.

All tests came back fine. She sounded better, and again we headed home.

Last night was her first decent night sleep in 4 days. Thank goodness. I was unable to sleep though. Worried she may have stopped breathing or her sugars were high, I checked her like every hour. So I'm totally spent and praying when she wakes up she doesn't have a repeat of the days before.

Poor child. She needs a break. This croup virus is soo nasty, and has knocked her on her little bottom for sure. I just want her to feel better.


TwinsRock08 said...

Thanks for the update. I checked your Fb and blog first thing this morning in hopes y'all were home and doing better. Hope you are able to get some rest today. Praying for kendell to kick this croup.

Anonymous said...

Heaven help you all!