Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Music Therapy

We are starting music therapy with Kendall on Thursday. Our plan is to do a session once a week and hopefully share a session with Caleigh and Holly once a month (assuming we can figure out our schedules!)

I've been considering music therapy for some time now. I've been looking into music classes for about a year, but something always came up. I was never too keen on the idea of a group class with other kids Kendall's age. Because of germs (and the heart-break involved attending activities among kids her age) it never worked out.

When Holly suggested we meet a music therapist who would come to our homes to meet with the girls, I decided that was the way to go.

Last week we did meet the therapist. Her resume is impressive, and upon our first meeting, I could definitely tell she has a heart for the kids. She seems very passionate and wasn't scared off by Kendall and Caleigh and all their issues :)

So this Thursday she will be setting goals and objectives during her first evaluation with Kendall. I'm very excited. Kendall enjoys all her therapies for the most part, but I'm certain this will be one of her favorites!

Music is a big part of my life...and Kamden's too. I know this will be something the whole family will enjoy. Because it will be private pay, we'll have to make a few sacrifices to make it happen...but we're ready to do that. (I won't get on my soap box and gripe about insurance not covering it...we want her to have it and feel confident it will help her, so we're taking matters into our own hands)


Candace said...

That sounds so exciting! I can't wait to hear about it! Faith did Kindermusic and Sing and Sign and she loved them both but her favorite was Sing and Sign.

Ashley said...

What a great idea! Music can never be a bad thing. I can't wait read how Kendall (and you) like it.

I hope it is not weird for me to say this as someone who hasn't seen you since high school and who has never met your beautiful girl, but I have to tell you that checking your blog and seeing Kendall's smiling face puts a smile on my face everytime. I just want you to know that you and Kendall are touching people out here in the blog world.

Bless you both and your very special family!


ParkerMama said...

Oh, how I wish I knew of a Music Therapist that would come to a person's home. I'm trying to put together my own music curriculum for Parker, but my skills are sorely lacking.

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Would you or any of the therapists consider changing the tray height - see if she can strike easier if it is lower? For other activities, that model also will slant to upright to provide an easel-like surface.

I esp like that Kamden can interact with her and her music. Barbara

Cjengo said...

LOVE IT! Jude did Gymboree music and play, and just loved it

Gilda said...

Glad to hear you guys are taking in something you all enjoy. Not mention that you have found the perfect music therapist to come do it in your home.

TMI Tara said...

How cute are those two! Chloe would just LOVE to have a big brother to play music with her. It looks like so much fun :)