Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All Better

Justin's been out of town on business, so I was able to dress Kendall in her longhorn t-shirt. Her Sooner Daddy...not a big fan.

We went to the Dr. this morning and had her ear checked out. She still has a few days of antibiotics, but her ear looked healthy. She received her immunizations and I realized we've come a long way. (both of us) I remember when Kamden was little I couldn't bear to watch the needles go into his legs. Now, it doesn't even phase me. Kendall was a brave little girl too, with only a little yelp.
Seizures were really rough in the middle of the night last night. And this morning, I lost count. They were happening one right after the other. I would have been worried, but she snaps back immediately, and never loses consciousness. They are a pretty violent jerk (like if she were in her high chair, she'd hit her head on the tray) followed by her eyes dancing for a few seconds. I thought they were getting better, but apparently not. The pharmacy in Canada called yesterday to say they were sending the Vigabatrin. We should expect it in 5 days. Wish it were sooner.
In the mean time, we have a very quiet week with therapy. Her PT is out of town and we don't have Speech, OT, or Vision again until next week. Good thing, cause work for me is out of control busy. I'm very much looking forward to my week of vacation at home with Kendall next week (Nonna and Grandad will be on vacation, so since I won't have child care, I happily took some vacation days!)

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Anonymous said...

Putting all my comments on this post...
Do you know the blog: Dear Trevor?
trevorshope dot blogspot dot com/
Another mother who struggles with medical care for her son's seizures.

I love kinesiotape. I hope you see some good results.

She is sooo cute with her dad in the video.

What a great looking bunch of friends! Happy Mother's Day!