Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Justin returned from his trip to a happy Kendall. She melts our hearts the way she responds to us when we come home. It can totally turn a stressful day around. This is a video of Justin greeting Kendall and at the end Kendall smothers him with kisses....something she has started to do a lot.

***DISCLAIMER*** Justin doesn't normally talk like this, and "whicapacachiu" is a sound one of her toys makes that makes her laugh. Its become a part of our daily vocabulary around here! Oh, and Justin has no idea I'm posting this. But he never looks at the blog anyway! So I should be safe!

My Daddy returned home safely today too! And I am so glad. We ALL missed him!

Seizures are still bad. They have also changed a bit. Instead of just jerking her left arm forward, she is now throwing both hands up in the air, much like the startle she used to do in her first few months of life. Again, they don't last long, but they stress me out. Maybe it's the weather?


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Hahaha!! I was wondering what in the world he was saying!!! I have NEVER heard him talk like that, the things our kids make us do!! That is one of the sweetest videos I think I have ever seen. He is such a good Daddy!! And...oh my gosh, for a second there I couldn't beleive how much he looked like Uncle Coy!!! I hope the seizures get better....SOON. Love you guys!!!

Cjengo said...

HA HA, sounds like me when I was silly talking to Jude on mine. I hope her seizures get better soon. Do you think Dr M would let you guys try Depakote prior to ACTH?? It's worth a shot, it's been a God send to us. We are having to adjust again, but that happens because he is an oinker. She is so cute! About to call you on the other issue

Holly said...

Oh my gosh! I had to chuckle over the sounds. We definitely sound like a noise box over at our house too. You do what works and what works makes them smile and giggle. Which in turn makes us smile and giggle.