Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're Home!

The surgery went great. Her pressures are good in both eyes. Her optic nerve and retina look normal...(ha! normal! not so much a word we use with Kendall) The hearing test was great too. All completely normal. Surprisingly, Kendall came out of the anesthesia really well. She drank 4 oz. of apple juice immediately, and we were able to give her some pears with her Keppra, Vigabatrin, and Topamax right away. She kept it down, and we made it home early. Its amazing...Justin and I have navigating that hospital down to a science. The usually stressful things like where to park, what door to go in, etc...we have down pat now. We also know all of the nurses, anesthesiologists, and Dr.'s since we've seen most of them more than once! Everybody seems to remember the sweet little girl with the glasses (and her neurotic, hyper, over-reacting mother...and tall, calm father)

I was going to post a picture of Kendall with her little "no-no's" strapped to her arms, sleeping soundly in her crib, but she has blood dripping down her face, so I didn't think you all really need to see that! She looks way worse than she is right now. I will wait for a pretty, well-rested, Kendall and take a picture tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe, we will see her right eye-ball instead of just white! (actually, the papers say it may take up to three months to see results, if we see any!)

We have to take a break from therapy for a week...shucks...while Kendall recovers.

SO, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and well wishes. Like always, we feel extremely blessed to have such amazing friends and family. Much love to you all.


Jessica said...

GREAT NEWS!!! Thanks for updating us all! Kiss that goregous girl for me!!!

Cjengo said...

Glad she is home safe. Thanks for the update!

Reagan Leigh said...

That's great! I'm so glad she handled everything well. Prayers for a quick recovery!

Bronx Cataldo's said...

So glad that thing went well.

Katie said...

Hi there. I got your blog from Barbara at therextras. I have been looking for other Mother's with Children with Vision problems.

My daughter, Lilah, was born with Peters Anomaly.

I will read more and also visit your caring bridge blog. I HOPE that we can keep eachother encouraged. Thanks.