Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I certainly did. My loving husband bought me flowers and let me take a nap. My mom left for her vacation this morning, so I wasn't able to spend the day with her. But I talked with her this morning. I hope she has a peaceful, relaxing, much deserved break.

Nonny and Poppy kept Kendall and Kamden last night at their house, so Justin and I could attend a barbecue with some new friends. We had a blast. I didn't think I would be out til after midnight two days in a row...but I was! That's probably it for me for a while! My liver hurts. this is totally not Kendall related, but have any of you read the book "Skinny Bi*ch" Its a diet book (obviously) and I started it thinking, hmmmm, this all makes total sense. This lady really knows what she's talking about. Then as I read on, I realized that she may be a vegetarian, then as I read further I realized yes, she definitely is...a Vegan. Then I continued through the chapter talking about cruelty to animals, etc... Definitely made me think. I might be able to do this...(although today I devoured the chicken Justin grilled) So, I am going to try now to gradually change our eating habits. We could definitely use more fresh fruits and vegetables around here. Also after reading about all the horrible things in our processed foods, I was actually a bit scared for my kids' health. Kendall certainly doesn't need any more problems, and Kamden has a few issues too. I'm not planning on quiting cold turkey (no pun intended!) but Justin and I agreed we should probably start making healthier (organic) choices at the grocery store. Oh, and Splenda is its own food group as far as I'm concerned, so there is absolutely NO WAY I will give that up. But, I could probably start drinking decaffeinated tea at Starbucks instead of lattes. Check back with me in a week...we'll see how that goes. I personally like "dead carcasses"A LOT. Steak in particular. And there is no way Justin would ever give up meat completely. Can I be a half -way Vegan? Probably not.

Anyway, this week is packed full with appointments and therapies. And I will be on my own. Wish me luck!


Helwig Happenings said...

Okay, I read that book when I was training for my first half last Summer/Fall--- I laughed at your dead carcasses comment, because I enjoy chicken, steak and more--- I tried to do it for a while, but I just hate to say I love food too darn much! Good luck if you do it! It sounds great and all, and I do buy organic when it comes to fruits, veggies and milk, eggs too... but that is as good as I got :) Glad you had another fun night out last night! I hope your packed week solo goes well-

Cjengo said...

We try to eat organic, and healthy as well. Em doesn't ask for cheese sauce, gravy, etc because she just wasn't raised with it. I do however eat meat. God gave me canine teeth for a reason...ha ha ha! We eat a lot of grilled chicken, fish, and steak. I got back in the gym today, and at a good lunch so I hear ya! I am ready to get myself back. Do you ever feel lost after all this has happened? Anyway, I am blogging on that today if I ever get time..

Cowtown Camera Girl said...

Hi Joci! I discovered your blog through Leslie's blog. What a sweet family you have!