Thursday, May 28, 2009

So Lethargic

Kendall that is...well, and me too.

We increased her Vigabatrin and it has made her extremely tired. Hence, the reason I've spent the past 2 hours while she and Kamden have been sleeping fiddling with my blog.

She has slept a lot today and the seizures have not really changed. We are suppose to give her a week at the max dose I know I should be patient. Sigh.

We took her back to the ophthalmologist this morning and everything looks great. Her eye still turns in, but we definitely see improvement. We also picked up her new prescription for her glasses. While we were there, I make an impromptu decision to buy her prescription sun glasses as well. I guess I figured she is in the car and outside enough to warrant the ridiculous cost of the lenses.

About a week ago, our PT dropped off a stander. It is actually really nice, in great shape, with a tray, and it looks brand new. Unfortunately; because we did not have a "resume services" note from our Dr. she was unable to fit her for it. Today we got the OK to start working her again, but she has been way too sleepy to do anything. Hopefully this weekend she will be good to go and we can adjust it. I think she is going to love it.

So I mentioned I was working on my blog. Why, oh why, am I so wrapped up with this thing? I seriously have spent entirely too long trying to figure out how to make a button. I got the button part (see below) but have not had any luck with the "grab my code" part. I'm so over it. I guess I just need to accept that I am technologically challenged. (just ask my IT guy at our corporate office...when I called him freaking out that my wireless on my laptop wasn't working and then realized the wireless switch was turned off!) Spending hours on this thing when I should have been finishing laundry, packing lunches, unloading the dishwasher, and returning e-mails and phone calls was not the best choice!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Jessica said...

I sure wish I could help you because I want that button!!!I know there are some ladies out there in bloggy world that could help you, I'm sure!! And.....if this is a release for you then let it be. Laundry and such can wait a day or so!!! Love you guys!!!

Jill Calvert said...

How cool will Ms Kendall look by the pool in her raybans!!!! Even better in her swing by the pool!!!

Katie said...

I will look into the button issue for you.

I will continue to pray for you guys!