Friday, May 15, 2009


We took Kamden to the Dr. seems he may have a hernia. Yes, a hernia. We went to the Urologist for another issue, and during his examination Kamden explained that below his belly button and above his hip, he has this "little golf ball that shows up under the skin." Um, yeah. First time I heard this. So, once again, I find myself needing an apartment near Cook Children's Hospital. They've scheduled a bunch of tests and we are going to monitor him closely. He's not in any pain or anything...right now. Keep him in your prayers!

So, Kendall sort of slept through the night last night and the night before. I don't know if it is the medication or what, but I'll take it. She also didn't have any seizures during dinner last night or before bed. This morning was another story, but they do seem to be decreasing. We increase the Vigabatrin again tomorrow. Hopefully we will see improvement.

This week with Kendall has really encouraged me. Just spending more time with her during the day, I notice a lot of little improvements. She seems to be taking in more of her surroundings, even if it isn't visually, she is aware. She really enjoys her swing outside too. Here's a picture of her in her swing!

She likes to listen to the big kids swimming. I can't wait for the water to get warmer, so she can participate! Thanks Aunt Kristin for the awesome covered swing. It will make this summer way more enjoyable for all of us :) (and thanks for the very generous gift card to sunglass hut, and Avante...that will also make the summer more enjoyable for me!)


Jill Calvert said...

I have the same pic of Kaleb with Troy Dorsey!!!
Look at that girls lips...Georgeous!!!! Love the swing...What a great Aunt....

Cjengo said...

WOW, cute swing! She is beautiful

Edward said...

Congrats Kamden. We love you.