Friday, May 15, 2009

New Computer!

OK... So, I got a new desktop computer...and can I just is life changing. My screen is so much bigger than my laptop! I can now navigate Facebook way faster than before...and Blogger...oh. my. gosh. You people are so much cuter than you were before! I'm so excited!
Kendall drank out of a straw today. Speech brought a new Nuby cup that has a straw that actually changes its flow based on the child's sucking ability. Our Speech Therapist thought it would take her about a month to catch on...nope. She did it the second try. She was biting it a little, but she definitely sucked. So it begins...we underestimate Kendall, and she proves us wrong!
She's been a little tight. Her feet are pointing a lot and her heels have a lot of wrinkles. I have been stretching them a lot, but I'm concerned. If anybody has any suggestions to loosen her feet, please share. The PT's haven't really mentioned it.
Hope you all have a great SEIZURE FREE weekend!!!


Cjengo said...

If you get advice pas it this way. Jude is pointing his toes a lot lately.

Ellen said...

Congrats on the new computer. And, AMEN on a seizure-free weekend. And week. And further.
It is amazing that Kendall is drinking out of a straw, Max does not yet have that skill, and sometimes I despair about it, given that he is 6. As for the feet pointing, I wish I had advice. I used to massage and stretch Max, and that helped some, but you already are doing that. Stroking his insole also helped him relax.

Jessica said...


Anonymous said...

Howdy. I waver between not making people search my blog vs. entering a url into a comment.

The post I recommend you start at is "Bone Connections" on April 1 - click the month under archives.

Are you uncomfortable bringing a question to your PT? She's really the best person to ask.

I really believe in standing (weight-bearing) starting at one-year. Usually braces and a piece of equipment are needed.

I think it is neat you get together with Jude's Mom and Caliegh's Mom.

And congrats on the new computer. Kind of like a new car, eh? I love technology! Barbara